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Your favorite soap opera theme.

I will always remember these soap opera themes from hearing them as a kid my mom used to watch a couple of soap opera back in the day or from my older cousins and aunts. The theme songs I will forever remember they are nostalgic to me.

General Hospital- I have this song thanks to Dave Koz greatest hits album

Days of Our Lives

Young & The Restless


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The spooky earlier versions of THE EDGE OF NIGHT and the 1970s version of ANOTHER WORLD .

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The opening of THE EDGE OF NIGHT with the crashing piano chords and the view of the city with the diagonal "night" coming down from the top right to engulf the city in darkness accompanied by the opening theme ... and 29 minutes or so later, the credit roll with the lovely tinkly theme. That was great planning. The musicians credited were Charles Paul (who'd provided a lot of radio program music) and another days Paul Taubman, who'd also provided music for many radio shows. No one could declaim "The EDGE of Night!" as effectively as Harry Kramer. ROF

My second favorite which only those of a certain age will remember was the vibrant piano/organ opening to THE SECRET STORM with the motion picture of waves crashing against the rocky coastline. (Closely duplicated with the original DARK SHADOWS black & white opening which did offs a better, spookier music! LOL)

If you remember radio soap operas, I loved the theme of THE RIGHT TO HAPPINESS as well as the music for THIS IS NORA DRAKE. THE ROAD OF LIFE used a portion of Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony for both the radio and (brief) TV offering; YOUNG DR. MALONE on TV utilized the radio theme.

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Soaps kept those old radio organists working long after the OTR era died. I recall hearing organs on soaps well into the 70s. Then they used synthesizers or recorded library music.
I kind of liked the orchestral version of the ATWT theme, another Charles Paul composition (credited to "Mi Voix").
I recall in the '80s when Another World used the Crystal Gayle/Gary Morris vocal theme. I was working at a country station at the time, and we played the single version of the theme (I'm sure there were many AW fans who hated it). During the closing credits, AW had a different theme, one that actually rocked out!

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Nadia's Theme - Young and the Restless

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Possibly The Young and the Restless.

Volker Flenske: (While torturing David) I don't know why you're doing this to yourself!

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The second opening theme for Texas, after Beverlee McKinsey left and it became the New Generation. The music was so grand and dramatic- really my favorite tv theme ever, I think! I remember hearing the theme used for a Citibank commercial years later, like in 1989 (the show was canceled in 1982) and being so happy to think that it still lived on, in a way.

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My favourite is "Hold On to Love" which was the theme to Guiding Light, in different styles, for many years.

Still makes me weepy after all these years.

"If this is music, what's that stuff Cole Porter writes?"

Re: Your favorite soap opera theme. Theme from 'The Young and Restless'

Theme from 'The Young and Restless'