Trekkers Only! : Tribute to Nichelle Nichols, Gene Roddenberry and ST TOS

Tribute to Nichelle Nichols, Gene Roddenberry and ST TOS

As indicated in the title, this thread is primarily a tribute to the wonderful, beautiful, talented, and courageous Nichelle Nichols. It is also a tribute to the equally courageous Gene Roddenberry and his marvelous creation; the Star Trek Universe.

Perspective or Where I'm coming from: I am a 54 year old White straight male, Independent (of Party), center-left (American Scale), classic liberal (a la Lincoln and JFK), Hippie Christian. My favorite women are African-American women and African women in that order.

I was four years old when Star Trek premiered. I was allowed to stay up and watch it in first run, when it was brand new. My parents said Star Trek was 'right on.' The Hippie chicks (and sometimes their boyfriends) who babysat me once or twice a week for years said Star Trek was 'right on.' Every hand that rocked my cradle agreed that Star Trek was about justice, societal progress, and people self-actuallizing to the greatest extent possible.

I looked at the Star Trek universe and saw all kinds of different people. Granted it was still a mid 1960's White, straight man's paradise. Nonetheless, I perceived that the bridge officers aboard NCC-1701 had achieved a remarkable measure of success among a nearly limitless pool of competition.

At her place in that august company strode Lt. Uhura, the most capable communications officer in Star Fleet. I saw planets where everybody acted like Nazis. I saw planets where people acted like Romans and had slavery. I saw planets where everyone acted like Native Americans. I saw planets where everyone mined for a living. I realized, even that young, that, were I to live in the Star Trek universe, my chances of being a bridge officer on a Star Fleet ship of the line were small. No matter how hard I worked or what talents I brought to bear my chances would still be exceedingly slim.

So when I saw the beautiful and poised Ms. Nichols portraying Lt. Uhura in Star Trek TOS I was instantly smitten. Progress owes a lot to Mr. Roddenberry's heroic, one man work, of 'adding some color to the bridge.' Well done, sir.

When I saw William Shatner kissing Ms. Nichols in Plato's Stepchildren, I envisioned myself being able to kiss a beautiful woman who may look like her.

To Bill, who intentionally screwed-up the one take where they didn't kiss. Well done, sir.

Finally to Ms. Nichelle Nichols, thank you for nurturing in me and millions of others a love and respect for the beauty, talents, and achievements of women, African-American women, and African women. Thank you for the inspirational character you have given us. Thank you for taking a supporting role and making it an integral part of the Star Trek universe.

Ms. Nichelle Nichols, I love you. I have loved you 50 years!

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