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I loved The Force Awakens but not surprisingly it's a caused a pretty intense split among Star Wars fans.

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Star Trek is the weakest. Which is too bad, because I really love classic 1960's Kirk and Spock Star Trek. And yet the feature films are hit-and-miss.

The first one, big budget, recycled script, little action (attempting to wean the science crowd who enjoy films off of violence ... a stupid sociological experiment).

Second film; moderate to low budget, shot on a made for TV shooting schedule, yet it's the best of the lot.

Third film; a real stinker because the budget was progressively cut, thin good looking Ally wanted too much money, so she's gone, and Kirk's only offspring is killed for little to no dramatic effect (in the script it probably sounded good, but people grew up with Kirk, not his son). And the SFX are a little wonky too. That, and some POS "fan" stole the script off the set, and Romulans get replaced with Klingons, who never had a "bird of prey" vessel nor a cloaking device. Ergo it's a piece of crap. QED.

Fourth film; Nimoy is given the reigns, but only knows the characters and not what good sci-fi story and plots are all about. So we get lots of character flourishes, and some lip service of the plot via a threatening alien trying to check in on an extinct species. Where had this been shot by one of the previoud directors, then the story would have revovled around trying to find out what the aliens want, and how to solve that, verse knowing right off the bat what they want, and then giving it to them in the end. Again, another BS installment, even if it is kind of fun here and there.

ST5 is, well ... ST5. Shatner takes the helm (no pun intended), and gives us a film that's a bit more in line with Trek, but isn't developed enough in the story department. Even though his film is less appealing that Nimoy's, his is more of a Star Trek film, and totters on being both good and bad at the same time.

ST6; FINALLY, back to classic Trek, which is what these idiots should have been doing all along, and then ended the films right then and there.

ST7; Generations; more garbage. Two egos that can't get along, and another "no more violence among the science crowd who love Trek and action" by way of a very unheroic, cry-baby of a captain, starring at Kirks grave. Give. Me. A. Break. Thank goodness today's weapons' designers and engineers don't take Hollywood BS to heart, otherwise we might still be dealing with Saddam Hussein and a bunch of other bad guys.

Other films; I don't know and I don't care.

It's almost like relatives of George Steinbrenner's ghost were cavorting with Roddenberry's ghost, and sending bad vibes to the two idiots (B&B) who were given reigns of the property.

They believed in their own sociological BS, and if you note the egos of the people being interviewed on the DVD, and no, I'm NOT talking about the actors but the producers, you wonder how these look at themselves in the mirror every morning with the amount of clap-trap televised theatre they've created.

It really does make one wonder.

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Re: OT - Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Batman v Superman I thought was okay, not as bad as some of the reviews are saying.

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Re: OT - Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

The DC Extended Universe is eligible for this now with Suicide Squad.

Also seen all the Bourne films recently. Probably agree Legacy is the weakest but it's not terrible.

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Re: OT - Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series


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Star Wars= Well, all the prequels. But especially Phantom Menace, with Baby Anakin and Jar Jar.

Indiana Jones=Crystal Skull. Seriously, they all should have known better.

Lord Of The Rings= Battle of the Five Armies. They turned the core Hobbit story into something it simply wasn't.

Alien=Maybe Resurrection.

Predator= I kinda liked Predators. Maybe the first vs Aliens

Terminator=Rise of the Macines. Genesys was better than that one.

Robocop= I guess the 3rd one. Where he fights the Samurai robots

Star Trek=Nemesis was a terrible end to the original cast movies. But I really don't like the three Abrams ones. #5, the one with Spock's brother was bad.

James Bond=So many I haven't seen. Quantum of Solace was the weakest of the Daniel Craig ones.

Jurassic Park=IDK, I like all four.

Batman= Schumaker sucked.

Superman=Superman 3. The one with Richard Pryor and an evil supercomputer.

X-Men=Maybe Apocalypse. I really didn't give a damn what happened to anyone. Even though the effects and action were pretty good.

Spider-Man=#3. No excuse for the amount of suck of Topher's Venom.

Iron Man=1st one was great. I don't really care for either sequel.

Hulk=Of the recent ones, the Ed Norton version. I may be the only guy that thought Ang Lee made a great Hulk movie.

Transformers= They all sorta suck. Revenge of the Fallen, I guess.

Rambo=#3. Where he's killing Soviets in Afghanistan. Back when the Taliban was our friend.

Rocky=Haven't seen enough.

The Godfather = I hear three is bad, but I've only seen the first two, which are incredible.

Die Hard= Blah

Lethal Weapon = Blah

Back To The Future = Blah. Too much 80s stuff.

Planet Of The Apes = Love the originals and the two recent ones. The Burton film was surprisingly bad

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delriosong's picks:

Perspective: 54 yr old straight White male Independent (of Party) center-left (American Scale), classic liberal (a la Lincoln & JFK), Hippie Christian who loves African American women and African women.

Star Wars -- Star Wars I The Phantom Menace

Indiana Jones -- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Lord Of The Rings -- None, all winners, each an integral and beautiful part of the whole

Alien -- Alien Resurrection

Predator -- DK;DC

Terminator -- DK;DC

RoboCop -- DK;DC

Star Trek -- Star Trek V The Final Frontier

James Bond -- DK;DC

Jurassic Park -- DK;DC

Batman -- Batman & Robin

Superman -- DK;DC

X-Men -- DK;DC

Spider-Man -- DK;DC

Iron Man -- DK;DC

Hulk -- DK;DC

Transformers -- DK;DC

Rambo -- Rambo III (Whatever the actual title was. Quit watching halfway through a $2 rental.)

Rocky -- Rocky VI (The whole premise was idiotic. Professional fighters respect each other. They don't box because they want to legally kill other people in the ring. Additionally few human beings, fighters or otherwise, are that moronically brainwashed by an ideology.

The Godfather -- The Godfather Part III

Die Hard -- DK;DC

Lethal Weapon -- Lethal Weapon II is the weakest but all are worthwhile. (Patsy Kinsett's t!tts!)

Back To The Future -- DK;DC

Planet Of The Apes -- Battle for the Planet of the Apes (9173) Low budget, try no budget. Doomed to suck from the moment who the heck ever signed off on the budget.

DK;DC = Don't know, don't care.

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