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TNG Under-acting

Some people have said Levar Burton overacts in TNG. I think everyone else underacts.

What do you think?

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Some people have said Levar Burton overacts in TNG.

I'm not sure what "some people" are basing that on, because I personally don't see any evidence for that allegation. Off the top of my head about the only actors you could accuse of overacting are John de Lancie, Majel Barrett, and possibly Dwight Schultz. However in each case I believe their characters justify some dramatic flair.

As far as underacting I would disagree. TNG is supposed to be a show about the daily lives of the Enterprise crew. You wouldn't expect a crew of highly trained Star Fleet officers to be overly dramatic.

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Some of the Klingon performances are a bit OTT too.

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For the most part the performances are actually on par with a lot of TV from a previous generation. I think a lot of other shows tend dial back the energy of their actors.

What little I saw of TNG, in the acting department at least, it was pretty good. I just didn't like the stories.

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Why would anyone say Burton overacts? He's one of the more low-key TNG characters. Among the regulars Stewart and Spiner would be closer to overracting (although neither of them do) simply because they play more showy (and in Stewart's case dramatic) characters.