Veronika Decides to Die : New Blu-Ray cover

New Blu-Ray cover 100001105640117_393678_616792_n.jpg

(Okay, I made it but if I wrote that in the subject, you probably wouldn't have looked. But STILL tell me what you think?)

Oh, Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

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Re: New Blu-Ray cover

Very lovely. The Austrlia DVD release cover, which I'm currently looking at, is just a picture of SMG looking pensive with a grey NYC in the background.

Re: New Blu-Ray cover

Wow. You made that cover. I thought it was real. Good job.

Do you know what kind of job title that is for people who make things like posters and dvd covers? Thanks.

Re: New Blu-Ray cover

Lovely love4.gif

Re: New Blu-Ray cover

I love it! I would've used a different picture of Gellar, something blue, something darker, but other than that I think it's lovely.

Hey detective, what's your favorite scary movie?