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Lynch Morgan

Morgan needs dealt with. His character not only doesn't add anything to the show anymore but also is just downright idiotic in his rationale on everything. And I mean everything. Why do characters throughout the series hold such high regards to him? Anytime the word "fight" or violence of any kind is mentioned, Morgan cowers down in fear. And I get the whole idea of how he's holistic now and one with the earth wind and fire bull crap but even so it's become obsessive. His character can no longer see the logical approach in anything.

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While I do think his shtick is getting old, I don't think he was wrong in thinking that if we get rid of Negan we might get rid of the problem.

But I think it's more than just getting rid of Negan that needs to be done.

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Just Morgan?

I'd say get rid of all the black characters.

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I repeat - Morgan must die!

I favor an extended sequence in which our zero impales himself in the colonic region with that reetodded stick of his while prancing around in the forest with the zombie horde in hot pursuit, falling forward and writhing and screeching like a draft-dodging lily-livered pansy in the forest duff as the walkers commence to frenzy beginning with a vivid bilateral kidney extraction and spinal peel followed by an agonizingly drawn-out and particularly messy decapitation during which Peacenik's head is revolved midway in the process to face us while a concurrently sudden occlusive twist of his still intact shrieking windpipe rewards us with a most satisfying final death squawk not to mention individually addressed quadratic dismemberments plus let's not neglect to savor the most essential "blood eagle" whereby the walkers reach into Mo's thorax between his back ribs and partially extract with surgical precision each still-respiring pink glistening lung to flutter over his soon-to-be ingested corpse (this process naturally preceding the aforementioned tracheal torsion) all of this of course being painstakingly documented in glorious Technicolor Panavision with rapid intercuts between real-time and slow motion with a gratuitous burgeoning orchestral score underpinning an unendurable crescendo of howling and groaning and gurgling and blurping curdled bleating screeches and squelching of spleen and intestines liver and stomach (containing the partially digested remains of his treasured last oatmeal burger of course) in addition to the (now obligatory) suggestion of a possible "under the dumpster" style avenue of potential escape and survival which will leave audiences all around the globe red-faced with rage and muttering in disgust.

Die Morgan, just die.

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Really? You couldn't think of any other title for your topic? Wouldn't "Morgan needs to go" be just as good? Why would you suggest that this particular character be "lynched" unless you wanted racists to respond!

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