The Walking Dead : ON TOPIC - final thoughts

ON TOPIC - final thoughts

Of course Rick and the Rickettes should:

1. Move to a sizeable island
2. Build a ditch with spikes at the bottom surrounding a tall and sturdy palisade.
3. Go north. Imagine the walkers trudging through three feet of snow....

Problem solved.

Re: ON TOPIC - final thoughts

Don't do it!

Re: ON TOPIC - final thoughts

1. Any sizable island that's safe and has supplies, housing, can be used to farm, etc. will already be occupied by as many people as the place can support. You'll be faced with storming prepared fortifications of some kind manned by probably well-armed defenders (i.e. you would take numerous casualties for every one of theirs).

2. Build a large medieval style walled city or a huge castle, surrounded by a spike filled moat? What's that you say, limited resources? People won't leave you alone long enough to finish a huge construction project? Hmmm. Those are problems.

3. How far north? You want to go far enough that it's snow covered most of the year, you better have a whole bunch of expert trappers and ice fishers in your group. And then there's the matter of shelters. You're not likely to find an abandoned town up there. Where are your people going to live?