Best and Worst : Top Crime Movies of all time

Top Crime Movies of all time

I'm looking forward to watch some good crime movies(I know it's winter holidays and I'm suppose to watch some christmas movies, but whatever).
Thanks for your tips.

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Strictly speaking I think that "Asphalt Jungle" is a really good movie. Made around 1950.

"The Second Wind" by Alain Corneau. It is not usual that so many of the main parts will die.

"Blood Simple" by the brothers Coen has definitely a very intelligent plot.

I do not think you would be disappointed by any of these movies.

The Caper

There are a lot of sub-genres to the Crime Movie. One of my favorites is the caper or heist film (not to be confused - as many are - with the "con" movie such as "The Sting" or "Matchstick Men").

Here is a nice starter list to the caper film.

The Asphalt Jungle (1950) / John Huston
Du rififi chez les hommes (1955) (Rififi) / Jules Dassin
Bob le flambeur (1956) (Bob The High-Roller) / Jean-Pierre Melville
The Killing (1956) / Stanley Kubrick
I soliti ignoti (1958) (A Big Deal On Madonna Street) / Mario Monicelli
The Badlanders (1958) / Delmer Davis
Ocean's Eleven (1960) / Lewis Milestone
Topkapi (1964) / Jules Dassin
How to Steal a Million (1966) / William Wyler
The Caper of the Golden Bulls (1967) / Russell Rouse
Ad ogni costo (1967) (Grand Slam) / Giuliano Montaldo
The War Wagon (1967) / Burt Kennedy
Deadfall (1968) / Bryan Forbes
The Italian Job (1969) / Peter Collinson
Un esercito di 5 uomini (1969) (Five Man Army) / Don Taylor and Italo Zingarelli
Le cercle rouge (1970) (The Red Circle) / Jean-Pierre Melville
The Anderson Tapes (1971) / Sidney Lumet
Straight Time (1978) / Ulu Grosbard
Sexy Beast (2000) / Jonathan Glazer
Ocean's Eleven (2001) / Steven Soderbergh
Heist (2001) / David Mamet
The Score (2001) / Frank Oz
Dodookdeul (2012) (The Thieves) / Dong-Hoon Choi


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Re: Top Crime Movies of all time

Bonnie and Clyde
In Cold Blood
Touch Of Evil
Mikey And Nicky

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Since The Wizard of Oz involves 2 cases of involuntary witch-slaughter, as well as assault with a delicious apple, I'd have to say The Wizard of Oz!

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'Goodfellas', 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Ocean's Eleven'...

"We're not too old for this sh*t!" -Riggs and Murtaugh, 'Lethal Weapon 4' (1998)

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Some good recommendations so far. I would add:

Naked City (1948)
Dial M for Murder
Anatomy of a Murder
Le Trou (1960)
Le Samourai (1967)
Dirty Harry
The Godfather
The Godfather: Part II
The Driver (1978)
Escape from Alcatraz
Thief (1981)
Scarface (1983)
Once Upon a Time in America
Heat (1995)
Fargo (1996)
L.A. Confidential
No Country for Old Men
Nightcrawler (2014)

Easily my favorite genre.

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The Godfather
The Untouchables
The Killing
Carlito's Way
Dirty Harry
Lethal Weapon

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The Godfather
The Usual Suspects
L.A. Confidential
Miller's Crossing
No Country For Old Men
The Maltese Falcon
The Big Sleep
The Departed
Donnie Brasco
The Killing
Dirty Harry
Blood Simple
Get Carter (1971)
The Krays

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Rififi is one of the best I've seen, possibly the best.

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top ten:

reservoir dogs
millers crossing
the big sleep (hawks)
third man
the maltese falcon
rear window
touch of evil
blood simple
shadow of a doubt

Re: Top Crime Movies of all time

To live and Die in L.A.
The Jokers
The Italian Job (original)
Violent City
The Hot Rock
The Anderson Tapes
Family Business
Bloodlines: The Lord Lucan Story
Now You See Me
Tequila Sunrise
Redneck with Telle Savalas

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1980s crime & thriller - 20 picks

blue velvet
once upon a time in america
midnight run
blood simple.
blow out
to live and die in L.A.
the long good friday
prince of the city
house of games

body heat
the killer
body double
sea of love
at close range
no way out
gorky park

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new jack city