Best and Worst : Movie night/club

Movie night/club


Some friends and I have decided to start a monthly movie night/movie club. We are all new to this but we all share the same great passion for film. I am going to host the first gathering and would love if you could give me some advice or tips.

How do you think I should structure the evening? My main concern is the discussion after the film - I obviously want to create an environment where the discussion flows organically. Should I have questions prepared in advance?
Do you think I should present the film in any specific way before the screening?

At the moment I'm choosing between a few criterion releases that I haven't seen myself:
Easy rider
In a lonely place
It happened one night

What do you think?

Thanks in advance - I appreciate it!

Re: Movie night/club

Don't know if this is a relevant topic for this thread but oh well.

Re: Movie night/club

It will be relevant if it is the best movie night/club in your area. (Or the the worst).