Best and Worst : Few thoughts about the bad decision by IMDb

Few thoughts about the bad decision by IMDb

I post this in Poll board but it's relevant to everyone.

1. Don't let them fool you, the main reason behind this decision is not the trolls (there are better solutions to deal with them), not us the users (no one ask us anything) and not political (This tendency to create "safe space" start before the election, and anyway it's just a way to cover up the real reason), the real reason is 💰, they move to Idon' because they have a business deal with Facebook and Amazon.

2. In a world that people who earn hundreds of millions, think they have a moral advantage on the "simple" men, and still see themselves as "the most vilified segments in American society right now" ("all while wearing a gown that probably costs more than all of the clothing in an average American’s closet combined"), not surprise that their representatives (IMDb) feel the need to protect them, to defend them, to create "safe environment" for them, god forbid, we don't want that their sensitive artistic soul would be affected. This's the reason they delete all the movies specific and actors specific boards, they don't want us to hurt their clients (Production Companies and celebs) business or feelings, with our Freedom of Expression*.

3. The significance of this decision, is more timely, Oscar related polls, GOT polls and so on. If until now, we had at least a space for discussion and protest, now we will get more supervision and less personal attention.

4. bratface23 mention this in one of her posts Satisfaction Board sucks!! It's complicated, uncomfortable, too much similar to social media, I been their a month ago and after 5 min, I understand I don't want anything to do with it.

5. All the ills of the social network is there:

a. The Likes
b. The interface that encourages shallow discussion
c. Lack of anonymity
d. Using our personal data for commercial companies
e. Censorship

6. As alioth4 said: "Those individual title boards are a huge resource also--after I watch a movie or series, I often browse/lurk those, but I do often join discussions as well, and value other viewers' insights on them.".
We are poll board, so naturally we emphasize this board, but from all the bad things IMDb do this is the stupid and the most cruel. This's the first thing I do after watch a movie, it's fun even without posting, I enjoy to read the comments. This's lamentation for generations.

7. Just to understand how much they don't care about us... they publish 3 Oscar related polls.

* I recommend to watch South Park S19 Ep5 episode Safe Space