Best and Worst : Very serious question about the boards

Very serious question about the boards

Maybe someone from IMDB will read this and give us this option.

If yesterday instead of the message we got it would have said this:

IMPORTANT: The cost of running the message boards is going up. So to keep them open we are asking if most of you would be willing to pay $10 a month or $100 dollars for a year to help with the costs. We will keep an eye on all the boards and if most of you agree we will bill your account accordingly. So please in the next two weeks voice your opinion.
Thank you.

If that is what it said how would you have responded?

I will start. I would have said YES

Re: Very serious question about the boards

No. These boards are an indirect source of revenue when people get interested in a film or show and watch them. "Free" to us, positive to the industry (and Amazon who very much sells the films & shows with all the cord-cutters out there, especially.

The bottom line shall be to move all discussion from IMDB (the boards are one of the few reasons to visit site), and discuss via REVIEWS on IMDB's owner site AMAZON.

Unintended consequences: Take innocuous discussions away here and then we can apply them accordingly to reviews which would no doubt hurt Amazon's bottom line.

I have a huge problem with Bezos buying up everything that allows him to control the discourse on all topics.

KNOW thy puppet master, people.

Re: Very serious question or, How to Keep 'em Running for FREE

I would have said let the studios who are making bank from the free advertising via discussion of said movie pay the 100 clams a year.

As far as Public Domain movies, well... if no studio cares enough to own it then perhaps it should be left to go + grow on its own.

Code can be written to monitor many of the problems... the ones that require—gasp—a human touch, well, one of the many people that work for the IMDb can sort it out.

Or here's a novel idea: VOLUNTEERS. Neighborhood Watches have been doing it for free for decades. Dig?

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Re: Very serious question about the boards

i'm making a replacement for these forums. i would love to hear your feedback on how to make it better. i just launched this page after hearing the news:

Re: Very serious question about the boards

I would have said NO. We keep the forums (and the page) alive with our free writings.

Re: Very serious question about the boards

Considering they get around 10million visitors a month. If just 10% of them are unique, and 10% of those would pay, IMDb would get around $1million per month, or $10million per year. This is on top of the advertising revenue they get.

I would expect them to fund a small town for that, let alone a single website and related costs.

If that was the message they sent, I wouldn't just say "No", I'd say "Go *beep* yourself".

On the other hand, a donation of (say) $20 a year with the same 1% of payers out of those 10million visitors monthly, would add up to about $2million per year.

That should easily cover costs, and keep some staff on to administer the site. Half the site contents are user created anyway, and the rest sourced from press releases and other official sources. Not like they have staff cold calling studios for info to add.

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Re: Very serious question about the boards