Best and Worst : So, why use IMDB at all when it goes to other "social" networks?

So, why use IMDB at all when it goes to other "social" networks?

Serious question.

When the facility to discuss TV and movie related topics is migrated away from IMDb, why would people still use IMDb to find stuff out, only to have to use other sites to discuss those things.

Well, short answer, they probably wouldn't. It would be completely illogical to expect a user to allow themselves to be inconvenienced like this, so most of the info itself is probably just ending up moved away from the site anyway.

And when the only reason to visit this site is available on the same site as the discussions can be held, there will be a marked decrease in traffic here. Thus, this decision not only angers the users, it will inevitably lead to less advertising revenue. Not because of any organised boycotting, but simply because users want ease of access to the facilities they are used to.

I, for one, after many years of enjoyment here, and after more contributions than I care to count, feel my loyalty and knowledge are no longer welcome. I will not be creating a social media account just to contribute to the IMDb Facebook pages (ie: doing the job of it's paid staff for free.)

Even if I did, I question the viability of Facebook over this sites own boards anyway. Here, there is a wide range of people from all walks of life BUT with a generally common goal: the enjoyment of film and TV. Facebook, on the other hand, is widely understood as a haven for 10 year old glory-hounds, posts telling you which of your fake friends you'd be best of marrying, playing invasive gaming apps, and posts telling us to repost or we'll die. Yep, an ideal platform for IMDb to tell us to use for communicating and discussing film and TV topics.

There is also, on Facebook, no structure for searching for info on a particular film. A glaring omission for a service that is primarily used to find information. And without it, no way to find out if the new scoop someone has isn't already posted there. Not exactly ideal, to have a few thousand individual breaking-news posts by different authors, all telling us about the next Harry Potter film, is it?

This is surely the death knell for IMDb.

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Re: So, why use IMDB at all when it goes to other "social" networks?

I keep hearing rumors that IMDB will be offering something for fans later. It sounds like they need a new engine, for one thing, and a different structure that does not allow for the rampant bullying and trolling we see now. But aside from that, people go to IMDB for many things beyond message boards: There are descriptions, reviews, ratings, trailers, release dates, quoted lines, trivia, and mostly complete casts lists.