Best and Worst : Important Information About IMDB Message Board Extinction

Important Information About IMDB Message Board Extinction

The following helpful information is currently being widely circulated around the IMDB Message Boards:

IMDB has a separate 'complaints-oriented' site over at "", where, if you are lucky, your written grievance will actually be responded to by a real live functioning entity usually referred to as a 'human being', that is, by either a fully paid/salaried member of the IMDB staff or an unpaid, interned, over-worked,, 'happy slave', 'volunteer' member of staff, euphemistically termed an 'associate'. At the least, you will have the pleasure, the satisfaction, of knowing that your complaint post will be read by a staff member there.

Posters can express, more directly, their real or genuine concerns, at this lesser-known site, and it is quite clearly lesser-known, as there are hardly any complaints even yet registered there, a mere trickle, whereas complaining here on the ordinary message boards is just a case of ineffectual, uselessly impotent acting-out, for it will not even be seen by staff, only by the trolls still systematically terrorizing the boards and deleting posts [cf above], the boards' troll-stalked desolation the primary reason for the shutdown in addition to the usual cynical capitalist ones) .... Lobby, reason, argue, or rant and rave away, shout, roar, scream, and be generally enraged and outraged to your heart's content here:

This is doubly ironic as IMDB originated from a message board and as a message board, its founders having been posters at film-related USENET message boards back in the late-1990s.

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Re: Important Information About IMDB Message Board Extinction

Thanks for the info. I just registered and posted this withering blowback response to the decision the end the message boards:

Eliminating the IMDb message boards will make the site a dead zone of no better utility than a worn out, yellowed and insect-infested TV guide from 1982. Lively, interactive diverse commentary is the lifeblood of the site and removing it will tear the heart out of a website that has become a veritable internet institution. You should really rethink this rather shocking and backward decision if you are an individual who is party to the message boards' imminent destruction. Social media is the modern alternative you espouse as a replacement, but like many modern and supposedly "better" things, it just isn't fun, nor original, nor better. Think about the cool and fun places that were around when you were a kid but that have now been replaced by the sterile, the corporate, the bland and the ubiquitous. THAT is what you will be turning into if you go ahead with this wrongheaded and misguided "improvement". You will hence be known as the "no-fun" website that drove millions away from your erstwhile succe$$ful Internet Movie Database. I hope you will reconsider this decision and continue the success that the message boards have built for you all along these years, because your alternative is a downright dud. Thank you for reading.

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Re: Important Information About IMDB Message Board Extinction

good for you.
Readers Digest dot com bought out Jump the Shark for the simple purpose of reducing it to a withering shadow of it's former design.
The opinion is what is already been known by many, an attempt to control the message.
This is what got Trump elected, the muzzling of individuals with opinions, and the attempt to damage that individual, not Trump himself---but the defaming of just another citizen, with a constant bias partisan deliberate undermining.
The people IMHO perceive this as the stifling of their 1st amendments rights and that corporate Amazon via Jeff bEZOS IS no DOUBT THE CULPRIT!