Best and Worst : Alternative to IMDb boards closing down

Alternative to IMDb boards closing down

Since IMDb doesn't care anymore about what their users will do when they go "homeless" on this forum, several imdbers and me used our talents and created a discussion forum where all can join and participate, just like it was here.

We are open to all suggestions and everyone is invited

PD: It seems imdb is deleting my posts on facebook, they really don't want people to go anywhere after they close.

Alex Vojacek

Re: Alternative to IMDb boards closing down

Create as many boards as you want for every movie, tv show or episode and everything else that comes to mind...

Troll, Spam and Bully Free!

The site has all the boards and everything we all are familiar with. It is a dedicated Forum to give the IMDbers a new warm place to be.

We are all sad this is happening and this is why the Forum was made.

It looks great and more people are coming over to take a look and sign up is easy with email, Google, Facebook or twitter.

Come and check it out!