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Re: Hi, Dark

Well i just duplicated this thread on imbd2.0 and will also start using the first one i suggested after next week and see which takes off.

Just Arrival from yours which didnt blow me away 6.5/10


Will check it out and join.

Agreed on Arrival, I liked it, but it's a bit overrated.

You should maybe check out Q & A, I think you'll enjoy it.

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Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Hey there Dark. Looks like we will be finishing this exchange of movie opinions here on IMDb. Gotta say it was great fun.

Didn't see any of yours this week.


First Time Viewing:

Allied (2016) 7 - Solid romantic thriller with Marion Cotillard really outshining everything else.

Repeat Viewing:

The Departed (2006) 8.5 - One of my favorites from Scorsese.

TV Viewing

The Mindy Project (Season 2) 8 - The laughs were once again great with great plot development along the way.

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Well hopefully after next week we can all get together at one of the suggested sites on my original post

The departed - really not a fan4/10

Mindy Project - a lot of fun

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Hey Dark... I haven't been here very long but I sure will miss this.

Haven't seen yours.

Jingle all the way (1996 DVD): I remember that I found this movie awesome when I was 11 years old and 20 yrs later it was still good, funny and entertaining. It's over-the-top a lot but done in such a way that it never becomes too silly except maybe for the "flying" part, that last a minute so, who cares. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christmas, toys, bombs, parades, mean Santa's...What more can a boy want? 7.5/10

Third person (2013 Netflix):"Three interlocking love stories involving three couples in three cities: Rome, Paris, and New York."
Directed by Paul Haggis, starring Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kuniz, James Franco, Adrian Brody.
I'd say that it's almost as good as Crash although it took me two viewings before really loving Crash and this one I digged the first time. I wouldn't say that there's a big twist at the end because the title and the trailer spoils it and even without that the hints in the beginning of the movie pretty much tells you what's actually happening. The guy says it right off the start, he's writing about a man who can only lives through his characters...Then we see deferent characters. Anyhow, the way they wrapped up the movie was very well done. The acting was good and there were so many elements in the story that I could relate to, it just made it better. (Especially the Adrian Brody
part) 7.5/10

Big hero 6 (2014 Netflix): A very well made Walt Disney/ marvel comic/superhero/robot/family/ animated movie. It's entertaining and even touching but the last 30 minutes was a bit weak what with the full on, non stop action. The animation was really stunning. 7/10

Only lovers left alive (2013 bluray): The cinematography was good, the settings were quite interesting, the music was great with some people upsychedelic guitar and some good rock. My only warning is, don't watch this movie if you're even slightly tired because there is not much happening in the first hour and it was a bit of a bore. We quickly get the point that they are very old and have a lot of knowledge and life experience and are hiding from a changing world but it becomes a bit redundant and it's not like, over their 4 centuries on earth, it's the first time it happens. The second half is better but overall I think the screenplay was the main weakness. I feel like the movie simply scratched the surface of a possibly deep subject. I had certain expectations for this Jarmush joint and unfortunately, I'm a bit disappointed. 6/10

Gnomeo and Juliet (Netflix): For some reasons, I always stayed away from this movie, only to find out it's filled with ingenuity, it's funny, clever and the action is good. A lot of colorful characters, a simple but effective storyline, some good jokes, I enjoyed it throughout, or thoroughly, or both. Not sure. 7.5/10

Y tu mama tambien (2001 bluray): OK so the first few minutes of this was literally teen porn and Later on, there's a scene of the two boys jerking off at the pool, topped with a close-up off the sperm dropping in the pool. Not the kind of image I'm looking for but The goal was to provoke an they sure succeed. But if you stick with it, you're in for a little gem of a movie. Really. The main quality is that it feels so realistic and genuine. It's like the director just told the actors "OK, so do whatever you would do in that situation. Action!" It's the same thing for the background action. Everything that happens on the screen seems like it's just real people doing real things. When the movie is over you feel like you just traveled to Mexico, it's amazing. The editing and voice over were very original, liked it a lot. The narrator provides countless random off-screen details that you just end up craving for. Overall, it's very sexual but also passionate, it's a wonderful road trip drama that takes you an exotic voyage. Although I wished it last a little longer because I loved it so much, I'm sure any movie lover can tell that the ending was rushed. It's too sudden too abrupt . Still, I'm very glad to add this to my collection and will rewatch it many times I'm sure. 8.5/10

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Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

hopefully we can all meet on another forum if the decision is not reversed next weel

Jingle all the way (1996 DVD): Jake Lloyd is bad, sinbad is hard to watch at times but arnie is good for a laugh 4/10

Big hero 6 (2014 Netflix): good fun superhero stuff 6.5-7

Only lovers left alive (2013 bluray): love the atmosphere 8/10

Y tu mama tambien (2001 bluray): good solid film, has a bit of everything 7

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Nostalgia For The Light 10/10-The film becomes a rather Kantian meditation on the starry heavens above and the moral law within, as Guzmán, who tells us he loved science and science fiction as a boy, shows us staggeringly beautiful images both of the cosmos and the everyday natural world – the more remote reaches of the universe are visible thanks to the thin atmosphere over Chile and the location of the observatories.

Moonlight 10/10-Bathed in blue and anguish, Mr. Jenkins’s elegiac film traces a single life across three chapters. There’s much to love and admire about this haunting movie, including its lapidary visuals. Here, every moment — light flooding a darkened room, an oceanic baptism and a halo of shampoo crowning the head of an abandoned child — speaks more eloquently than most of its dialogue, though the words are very fine, too.

The Forbidden Room 9.5/10-Guy Maddin, dreaming his molten dreams like that wrathful old volcano. (But who's Evan Johnson?) Unmoored excitements of a stream-of-consciousness trailer reel, multiple-distilled into doublings, rituals, murders, obsessions. "A wife's water, saved for science." Baroque shards of cinephile sense-memories, suggestive colour-tones, half-remembered splinters of familiar narratives, obloquious irruptions of humour.

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Moonlight - i liked it but was not as blown away as some re, the middle act was strongest for me. 7/10

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

First Viewings...

-Live by Night (2016-2017) (Jan 30th 2017) - 5/10 (watchable but forgettable. but it takes a little while to get going. it turned out roughly how i thought it would given my impression of it on the commercials a little while ago.)

-Nocturnal Animals (2016) (Jan 30th 2017) - 6-6.5/10 (one of the better movies of 2016. ill see how it holds up on a re-watch eventually.)

-War on Everyone (2016) (Jan 31st 2017) - 5/10 (watchable but forgettable)

-Arrival (2016) (Jan 31st 2017) - 6/10 (it's mostly carried by the general mood/visuals)

-Allied (2016) (Feb 1st 2017) - 5/10 (it's pretty dull for about the first 20-25min but then stables out. it's passable.)

-The Lost Empire (1984) (Feb 2nd 2017) - 6/10 (normally these 'exploitation' types of movies are average at best, so i usually avoid many of them (but i rolled the dice here and it paid off), but i was a little surprised as i like this one and will see it again eventually. but ill say the movie seems a bit rushed late into it as i feel it would have benefited from being roughly another 10-20minutes longer (it's only 1hr21min when the credits roll) and it does take a little while to get going initially as it takes roughly 20-25minutes before it hits it's stride.)

-At the End of the Tunnel (2016) (Feb 3rd 2017) - 5-5.5/10 (a good movie to see once but is not a movie i would want to re-watch at the end of the day :( )


-Blade (1998) (Feb 3rd 2017) - 5.5-6/10
-Blade II (2002) (Feb 4th 2017) - 5/10
-Blade Trinity (2004) (Feb 5th 2017) - 6/10

but speaking of the blade movies... the second one is the clear weak link overall as it's the only one i don't like of the three as it hits too many duller stretches which the 1st/3rd movies generally don't have nothing that really starts to make the movies drag. the first movie is generally good enough but fizzles late into the movie a bit. i feel the 3rd movie is the most overall consistent for me even though the added comedy stuff, which is mostly from Ryan Reynolds, does not work. but i think the higher points of the movies that the first one is the best but overall i got to give it to the 3rd movie. but in terms of the bad guys, i rank the movies like this... 1st, then 3rd, with the 2nd movie being the clear weak link.

p.s. 5/10 or less = Thumbs Down. 6/10 or higher = Thumbs Up.



-Hacksaw Ridge (2016) - NS (but ill see it once it's out on video. but my gut feeling is... i won't like it anywhere near as much as the IMDb average suggests as i am figuring something in the ball park of how you scored it)

-To Die For (1995) - 5/10 (it's watchable but ultimately has no re-watch appeal for me)



Damn, you have really been doing this for 10 years on IMDb?

i had a IMDb account since Feb 2004, which makes it 13 years now, and i first got online in 1995-1996 but high speed internet was first in my area in the year 2000.

but anyways... the freeforums link seems to function much better as the other one seems like it's shot. so ill stick with the freeforums.

i assume you are 'darksidebeadle'? ; i just made a account as i should be under 'm-slovak79'. i have not made a single post yet though. who knows, maybe ill copy and paste this in your post on there to test it out in a while.

but with that said... next week will be your final post here on IMDb (well mostly) :( ; as the one after that would be the 19th which is, as you already know, a day shy of when they pull the plug on the message board. i might take a screenshot of next weeks post (maybe even the one after that) for future nostalgia ;)

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Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

First Time Movie Viewing

1. The Secret Garden (1949) 7/10
2. House of Women (1962) 5/10
3. So Young, So Bad (1950)
4. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) 7/10
5. The Magnificent Seven (2016) 7/10

Repeat Movie Viewing

1. Congo (1995) 8/10

First Time TV Viewing

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

Season 1, Episode 7 "Dogs of War" 6/10
Season 1, Episode 8 "Heartbreaker" 5/10


Season 3, Episode 14 "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" 8/10

Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2, Episode 10 "The Legion of Doom" 7/10


Season 2, Episode 5 "Dust and Shadows" 7/10

Justice League Action

Season 1, Episode 6 "Nuclear Family Values" 7/10

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

4. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) 6.5/10

1. Congo (1995) 5/10

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

and the other forum i linked is working perfectly


-Live by Night (2016-2017)will gert to it, i dont have high hopes though

-Nocturnal Animals (2016) 8/10 my #1 for the year
-Arrival (2016) (Jan 31st 2017) 6.5/10

-At the End of the Tunnel (2016) 7/10.

-Blade (1998) - 7/10
-Blade II (2002) - 6.5 odd, im pretty sure this is almost everyones favourite
-Blade Trinity (2004)4/10

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

and the other forum i linked is working perfectly

Weird. i can access the website but it says access denied (i.e. "Access Denied
Error Code: 7002:6000916"). but i kinda assume i have to have a account for that error message to go away.

plus, it must use either Java or Flash is my guess on part of the page (which i assume is some sorta live chat) as it needs a plugin to work. but i just see those two things as security risks nowadays (which i why i don't have them installed on my browser (Pale Moon x64)). for YouTube i just use HTML5 instead of Flash. i honestly don't know why people still even use Flash nowadays with HTML5 around.

either way, i prefer the overall style/layout of the site i signed up for anyways which is that website.

-Live by Night (2016-2017)will gert to it, i dont have high hopes though

Yeah, it's probably something in the ball park of what you expect of it is my guess as given my gut feeling on it from the commercials it turned out about how i figured it would be, give or take a little.

-Nocturnal Animals (2016) 8/10 my #1 for the year

Yeah, i noticed it was your favorite there. but i guess even though i only gave it a 6-6.5/10 that still makes it within my Top 250 movies or so simply because there is only 200 movies i gave a 7 or higher and there is less than 50 movies (currently 43 at the moment) i gave a 6-6.5/10 which makes anything i give a 6-6.5/10 a bit shy of being considered amongst my favorite movies.

who knows, maybe that movie will grow on me a little more with a re-watch but my guess is it holds steady on that 6-6.5/10 score when i get around to re-watching it.

-Blade II (2002) - 6.5 odd, im pretty sure this is almost everyones favourite

it's probably because they tend to like the directors style etc since he seems to be the only director with a name of the three movies to my knowledge.

but i guess looking at the movies average ratings it appears people prefer them in the order of release. but given the 1st/2nd movies average ratings are not far apart i would not be surprised to see some who prefer the 2nd movie the most.

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Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Yeah both those forums you need to make An account

Doll Things Doctor Memento Predestination

The Devil-Doll (1936) / Todd Browning. Interesting revenge/horror thriller which will not let you down, and for reasons beyond that Lionel Barrymore spends three-quarters of his screen time in drag. That's just ONE of the pleasures.

L'avenir (2016) (Things To Come) / Mia Hansen-Løve. A philosophy professor has a lot of personal problems and has to reassess her life. First. her husband leaves her (its playing out highly reminiscent of a similar turn in Bergman's "Scene's From A Marriage") and her publisher tells her that two of her books which were standard texts are going out of print. Even so, there is not much plot to this film. It is something like life. Stuff happens and people muddle through it. That is an interesting concept but, as a whole, fairly insubstantial. Isabelle Huppert, as the professor, is, as always, superb and very watchable.

Doctor Who (2005). During the previous season, Peter Capaldi's first as The Doctor, Capaldi had some trouble finding the character he wanted to play. It this, the most recent season, he nails it and every story (all but one are two-parters running about 90-100 minutes together) is a gem. Highly recommended and good start for anyone who wants to get into the Doctor Who universe. (I also recommend Season 5 for newcomers.)


Key Largo (1948) / John Huston. All-time favorite. Bogart and Eddie G. are unforgettable. Masterpiece.

Memento (2000) / Christopher Nolan. Modern masterpiece and, the way things are going, probably the only Christopher Nolan film I will ever own.

Predestination (2014) / Michael and Peter Spierig. I very rarely find a movie I can watch over and over. "Memento" was that for the last decade, this wonderful mind-bending time travel sci-fi from a pair of Australian twin brothers is for this one. Astonishing acting from Sarah Snook.


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Re: Doll Things Doctor Memento Predestination

Key Largo (1948) / John Huston. - hmm i dunno if its a masterpiece but its a solid enough outing for all involved 6.5/10

Memento (2000) / Still one of Nolan's best. 7.5/10

Predestination (2014) / has its moments, but the twist is pretty obvious, if its even a twist.. despite that i enjoyed it enough throughout. 6/10

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Manchester by the sea-excellent film.
i cried more than once!

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

I gave it a 7 last week, I think Affleck will get the oscar

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

he deserves it!

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

I would tell you, but since I don't have a Farcebook account, I am excluded from this discussion.

Of course, without a Farcebook account, I wouldn't even know about this discussion anyway. Take from that what you will ;)

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Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Manchester by the Sea... I give it 8.5, it has less nomination than La La Land but I think it's better

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

I gave it a 7, I liked it and la la land about the same for different reasons.

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Hi there,

I haven't seen any of yours. My viewings this week were:

Manchester by the Sea 7.5
Planet of the Apes (1968) 8.5 - I really liked this film, especially the story and the screenplay

and I re-watched:

Dark Passage 8 - I liked it more than the first time


Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

Manchester 7
Apes 8 :)

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

I haven't posted here in months because I haven't had as many new movies to see lately. But I'll miss this board and your weekly posts. This is what IMDb was supposed to be about. Thanks for sharing your viewings and opinions for years.

Re: What Movies Did You Watch Last Week? (30/01-05/02)

thanks buddy