Best and Worst : Check out - home for civil communities

Check out - home for civil communities

We are Commonlounge, and we want to be the home for civil and troll-free communities online. We are very different from the scores of "online forums" out there - we spend a lot of time and resources on excellent moderation and we have a system of exclusive access only after verification of your real identity via Facebook, or going through a short vetting process if Facebook sign-up isn't your thing.

While this is no replacement for the IMDb forums, we wanted to let you know that we would be happy to devote our resources into equivalent communities as the IMDb message boards hosted if there's enough interest. To cast your vote, just hit "Follow community" button on IMDb Trivia community I just created:

If we get 1000 followers on the community, we will feature it on rest of the platform. If you want, you can share the link to the community with your friends to make sure they can come and follow the community to vote.

We are still very new and the care and effort we put in our communities shows in the HBO Westworld community that we hosted later last year. If you've watched the show, you would enjoy reading through the episode discussions we had. Here's a link to the finale discussion:

Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Hope to see you there! Questions, thoughts or feedback? Let me know and I'll reply to every message.