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Supernatural Fans

If there are any Supernatural fans out there, tell me your favorite episode from the first 5 seasons as I haven't gotten to any of the others, just to season 5 and explain why you like this episode.

Me? I have 2.

1. Is the episode called the Benders. Watching it, it reminds me of the movie Deliverance. the way the family hunts humans is just like in Deliverance.

2. Is Swan song. It was actually this episode that got me hooked on the show. I hadn't known about it till I saw the commercial for it and they said it was a season ender. I especially like when Castiel uses Holy Fire on Michael and I love Lucifer's reaction to this.

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As I was going through the first 5 seasons to remind myself of the episodes, I realized just how many good episodes there are in season 5. Yellow Fever, Wishful Thinking, Lazarus Riding, I might have an easier picking one I hate from that year. Other than that, I really like What Is and Should Never Be, from season 2.

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"The Benders" is one of my favs of the show as well,not to mention one the scariest of both that-or any-show I've ever seen.BTW,
did you know it was actually based on a true story?

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What? No, stop it, you're freaking me out.