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The Invaders

Saw the first two episodes, looked interesting but from all I can tell, absolutely no plot development at all, and no satisfying conclusion. Not gonna spend the energy.

"Worthington, we're being attacked by giant bats!"

Re: The Invaders

Are you asking about the 60's series or mini series not sure when that was on tv but had to be at least 10 years ago. I loved the series but was on for only 2 years. Series was so so with scott bakula in it. It is out on dvd now but doubt its a rental. Might be on this free website project free tv but when you look has another link for it. Has a lot of old shows and new ones. On new ones they add the link to it 3 hours after its aired. If a sign pops up just X it out. All it is to sign up for news letter. Also includes shows from hbo, showtime and starz.