im writing just to "vent" about programs i really dont understand or dont like.. im not knocking anyone for watching, liking, tweeting about them, whatever.. im just saying, to me they're dumb, and i want to express myself in a forum.. and this is what it is:

these soap opera-like programs that are so alike, you cant tell them apart without a plotline, like suits, white collar, burn notice or just about any series on "usa network".. they're all identical: the characters (good and bad guys), the plots (mediocre) and the direction.. i dont know how high in the ratings they are, but they must be good(?); they return year after year.. i wonder what the target audience is: 9-18 year-olds? also, on the major networks: plots about werewolves and vampires (from the p-o-v of the creeps), and the same plotline(from the p-o-v of those who pursue them).. and then they really go deep when one of the "normals" falls in love with a "creep"; or a creep asks to go into rehab(!) and take the cure, really?? or a creep goes undercover for the police, (fbi, cia, etc.), which, if the creep is successful, he will be allowed to continue in his creep lifestyle.. really??

and there is "breaking bad" and "walking dead".. really?? a story about a chem teacher who is down on his luck and goes into the "meth" trade? really?? so, by the end of the first episode, what percentage of the audience is disgusted by the character and what percentage just love him to death? really?? walking dead.. about people who gather to avoid encountering "zombies".. really?? you watch a desperate group find places to hole-up for the night, only to be rousted by an attacking group (what is a group of zombies? a "zomb"?) is there a plot where a straight man or woman who finds themself in love with a man or woman who is beginning to turn zombie, but their "friend" tries to find a dr. with a serum to help them "go straight"? like, is that "zombie rehab"? really? are there many viewers who cant wait for a "breaking band" or "walking dead" marathon, because there are certain plot twists that were never resolved, and must be sorted out, or else? like in breaking bad, how many meth users died that the chem teacher knew personally, or attended church with them? walking dead-- how many straight characters shot a zombie in the head that they knew from the "old days", and were they really sorry, or did they just hate the character anyway, so it didnt matter? really?? this is what passes for entertainment in the 3rd millenia? really??

"Everyone has the right to be heard; noone has the right to be taken seriously."


Do us a favor and don't talk sh!t about shows its obvious that you never watched. Stick to your game shows or your unfunny sitcoms. Continue watching boring shows. Just leave the adult stuff to people who can handle it. Maybe you should just end it all. After all your shows obviously aren't fulfilling you enough if you find time and the need to bash other people's shows you've never watched right?


Just leave the adult stuff to people who can handle it. Maybe you should just end it all

Telling someone they should "end it all"' because they disagree with your opinions of modern television content isn't compatible with the views of a mature individual, so if those shows appeal so strongly to your sensibilities then maybe those shows aren't quite as 'adult' as you think they are.


The 'occult' crap has been beaten to death...zombies, vampires, witches, whatever. The OP's correct in that they're all basically the same. They remind me of porn...there's only so many ways you can show people having sex, and then it just becomes repetitive and appeals only to those who simply get off on watching those particular tropes without regard for the fact that they're watching the same thing over and over.

'Breaking Bad' appealed to me the most during the season most fans of the show claim to like the least--Season One, where the slow, careful building of Walter White's character was carried out in a manner almost literary. It's rare in the extreme to see a televison show being that leisurely and methodical in the creation of a character. Later, as the series became increasingly detached from reality, it lost my attention by steady degrees. I thought the ending was over-the-top and ridiculous, and frankly prefer the hypothesis some have put out there that the whole thing was a dream/fantasy/hallucination playing out in White's head as he was dying. Simply too ludicrous to swallow on any other terms.