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We Need more movies bast on #StephenKing books !

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I was just thinking about this yesterday. ABC made Salem's Lot, and while it deviated from the book, it was still a great movie that still caries a heavy atmosphere with it. Eleven years later they made IT, which was great for it's day, though it has dated all of these years later. Still, it was rather shocking way back in 1990 to see that stuff on network TV. ABC went on to make a great adaptation of The Stand over four nights, a rather crummy adaptation of The Langoliers that should have been a one-night two hour film, a remake of The Shining that was closer to the book but not as scary as Kubrick's film, and Storm of the Century that was written for the screen by King and quite good if I do say so myself. I think there was one called Rose red, if I recall correctly? I never watched it.

I'd love to see a remake of The Langoliers. What a great story that the ABC ruined with such a bad, boring cast and atrocious SFX. It just couldn't be done back then, but the acting made it even worse. It needs to be adapted to the big screen and have a bigger budget. Much can be done now that couldn't be properly realized back in 1995.

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Most SK films Mr. King pop's up in as a character with a few lines or in the background. It makes it feels like a Hitchcock film appearance at times.

Agree with you on the Langoliers remake. How do you feel about It being remade?

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Definitely, but please never again such crap as "under the dome". The book is very good, but the TV adaption was what we call in German "unterirdisch".

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My favourite would have to be the original version of SALEM'S LOT. The mini series BAG OF BONES was okay.