Current Shows : The 100 [May contain spoilers from S1-S3]

The 100 [May contain spoilers from S1-S3]

What do you guys think of 'The 100'? I'm really happy I started to watch this because this is my favorite TV-show I've watched in a long time now. I'm really sad about them killing off some of the best and coolest "stars" of the show.

God damnit I wanted Clarke and Lexa to rule the lands together! Lexa's death was so bad it almost made me turn off the show, I think Lexa was to important for the show. Why did they kill her off?

Rothenberg, he started a relationship between them and then killing her off.. He said he would of still killed her off but he would of done things differently, but yeah I just think that when he killed Lexa he killed the show for me. Well I want to sayt 'almost killed the show for me' Not sure yet I have 3 episodes left of season 3.

I just had to check what other shows Alycia Debnam-Carey(Lexa) was in and I saw that she's in Fear The Walking Dead! I started to watch that show on the air but later on stopped due to lack of episodes and I kind of forgot about it! But now I must watch it cause of Alycia!

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