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Norman Warne

Does anyone know what he really looked like or have any pictures? I don't know why, but I'm really curious.

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I don't have a picture that I can post, unfortunately, but I have a book called Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature, by Linda Lear, and I can tell you that the mustache that Ewan McGregor grew looked exactly the same as the one the real Norman had. He wore his hair the same way, too.

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Have a book called Beatrix Potter and Hill Top with a picture of Norman, agree with anika1 mustache and hair the same.

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There are pictures of the principals in an article here:


You have to click through the images, but there are several of them. I think they cast Norman just right, but Renee seems much prettier than Beatrix was but that's the movies!

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Thank you very much for the link IIpvt. I have only the paperback novel by Maltby and Linda Lear's hardcover is quite expensive, the paperback edition is yet to be issued in March 2008.

There's quite a heavy air of melancholia in the real Beatrix Potter persona. But she doesn't look homely to me. I'm glad it was RZ who portrayed her on the screen. There's a certain lightness and openness in RZ's personality and the somewhat stern life Beatrix Potter lived was given a glowy patina by RZ.

The real Norman Warne was truly given life by Norman McGregor. Ewan as Norman Warne looked uncannily similar to the real one. Ewan was simply marvelous and unforgettable in this role.

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Ewan McGregor bears an uncanny
resemblance to Norman Warne.
Great job of makeup and

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Link didn't work in 6/08.

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That link doesn't work can anyone tell me where I can find some more images of Norman Warne???

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There is a small picture of him on this page that I just found:


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Previous link no longer has the picture - try this.http://www.westendextra.com/news/2012/apr/support-plaque-honour-beatri x-potter-publisher-norman-warne

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