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True Blood Anyone Watch

Anyone here watch True Blood? I love it and the new season is interesting. What do you think the end will be like? I think Russell Eddington is going to come back and save them.

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Re: True Blood Anyone Watch

Actually he returns in season 5.

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He certainly does.

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Oh MAH lord.
I watch this once, for my kiwi homegirl Anna Paquin- we kiwis stick together. What a load of rubbish. My left nut could write better than that.

Sorry Anna, you know I got love for you, but that accent SUCKS! Although it could be cos you are a New Zealand chick and I know what your real voice sounds like

Re: True Blood Anyone Watch

I watched the very first season and absolutely loved it. I understand that the series is ending, so I am going to be super excited to watch the entire series without interruption once it is available. That is my preferred way to watch a really interesting show.

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