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Help needed - 90's Comedy

I would love it if somebody might be able to help me :).

There is a TV show, sitcom comedy from the UK, from the 90's, that I can remember watching growing up, that I have forgotten the name of.

There is a male lead who I assume had some part in writing and possibly producing the show, who plays a load of different characters in the show. The most popular one is that of a grumpy, frustrated teenager. It's a man in his 30's/40's, but he's playing a teenager, and he has a red Nick Carter in the 90's type hairdo, drawn on freckles, and colourful youthful clothing. He does a lot of huffing and puffing, throwing tantrums about pretty much everything, and he seems to be very obsessed with sex, and the lack of it in his life. I can remember one bit where he uses a vacuum cleaner and fakes a hickey.

He also has a character where he plays a baby and wears a diaper. There is a woman who plays a lot of different roles along with this man. She will play his baby sister, and I believe she has played his wife as well. There is one scene where he is playing a baby, and he is in a oversized crib, and his sister is in the other end of the room, also in a crib, and I believe a popular super model of the 90's plays a part in the scene somehow. I don't remember who the super model is.

Does this ring a bell for anybody? It's a very popular character, I just honestly can't remember the name at all, of either the character or the actor. I've tried googling, but I haven't come up with anything.

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Not sure

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I saw the woman who plays the sister, wife, etc in something the other week and was able to look up who the comedian I'm thinking of it. The man's name is Harry Enfield and the frustrated teenager character is called Kevin the Teenager. I'm surprised nobody was able to tell from my description who it was, I was under the impression he was very popular in the 90's and I figured he was very well-known.

I'm happy I was finally able to look him up, though :).

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