Lethal Weapon : Zero chemistry

Zero chemistry

Between Riggs and the police psychiatrist. I hope they improve that storyline or find someone else for him.

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I respectfully disagree.
I like that the writers aren't going for the typical, easy, cliche, done-100-times-before..which would be to create an attraction between the two. I really like how Brewster plays the shrink. You can see it in her eyes, she truly cares about Riggs, and knows a lot more about his pain and demons than he's ever willing to let on.

Part of what makes this TV show so great is.it has much more time than the films hadto flesh out the characters and explore more depthwhat drives them, what affects them. It's obvious Riggs needs some therapy. And showing that dynamic (just in short, occasional scenes) between the character and his shrink is a great component. It lets us be a "fly on the wall" during their sessions, and gives us more insight into what's going on inside. The shrink sessions were a great component in shows like The Sopranos as well. It's one of the few times you get a glimpse of some vulnerability. She does not judge Riggs, and she is one of the few stable, dependable things in his life.

And sure, the writers could go the typical, color-by-numbers route: The two characters (Riggs and the shrink) are similar in age, singleand they (by the very nature of therapy) get into some pretty deep, vulnerable discussions. So naturallythey should fall for each other, right?

It's nice that they don't go that typical route. It's better that there's just a mutual respect. In the films, even though Riggs definitely needs a shrink.she is instead just used as comic relief. She's the buffoon he mocks and makes the butt of jokes. On the TV show, the writers decided to make this an opportunity for more depth and insight. And it's a very slow processtherapy. They have their little moments and little breakthroughsbut nothing gets "fixed" overnight. This is one of many refreshing new elements the TV Show gives us that the films could not.

There may be some flirtation from time to timeand maybe even a mutual attraction. And maybe a lot of viewers would LIKE to see this slow burn turn into something. For me, I kinda like how.even though in many ways they are polar opposites.they have some key moments of connection. Deep down, Riggs appreciates the sessions and appreciates that she cares. And deep down in her.she has a caring affection, maybe even admiration, for him.

There doesn't need to be chemistry. I don't think the writers are going for chemistry. People in everyday life don't often have "chemistry" with their psychologistjust trust.

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No one's listening broseph

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But I do love the part where you said that characters and the relationships don't need to have chemistry.

That is by far my favorite out of all the dumb stuff you've ever said.

Characters don't need to have chemistry


I was wrong. You're not misled. You are legitimately out of your mind. Like really horribly out of your mind. I think you actually might just be copying and pasting other people's reviews from other movies and plugging it in here.

Just wow.

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Well, here's the thing about that point.
I think the OP was referring to sexual chemistry.."relationship chemistry".
I think he/she was essentially suggesting there are no "sparks" between them.

My reply back was simply.that there doesn't need to be sparks. Not every close male/female pairing in a show like that needs to result in a relationship. I actually like that the relationship is purely professional.

There's not much chemistry between Riggs and the coroner/forensics guy either. It's just not always needed. Not every two people in real life hit it off and have "chemistry", per se. It only seems normal that not every two people in a show need to either.

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I think they have nice chemistry. Now whether or not that ever develops into anything more remains to be seen but Riggs would have to stop being her patient for it to go beyond a professional relationship. I'm fine with their relationship as it is now. I wish we had more or at least longer sessions between Riggs and Dr. Cahill. I like the way she can get under his skin as she tries to nudge him out of his numbness. I'm hoping that Riggs will make more progress in his sessions now that he's cut the chord with this former in-laws.

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I believe his love interest is going to be Palmer not Cahill.

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It was cute seeing Rigs and his psychiatrist together I'm glad they didn't hook up right then in that episode I have a feeling they will hook up probably in season 4 or something.