Legion : Was that Mojo?

Was that Mojo?

I don't know much about either David or Mojo from the comics, but that creature(?) that appeared briefly a few times in the episode looks like Mojo.

Does anybody know anything related to Mojo and David in the comics?


Re: Was that Mojo?

Maybe. I wondered if it was Shadow King.

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My guess would be Shadow King.

Mojo's focus is his world and recruiting "players" for it. But... that alone would be an entire series in itself.

Too much - if they want to do it right, anyway.

Re: Was that Mojo?

Definitely not Shadow King, Shadow King's form is in another dimension is abstract and Humanoid/monster tall and fit. Human form looks like the King Pin.

I don't see tentacles on the fat creature's head, also creature has human looking skin and hands. Mojo has alien skin and very long finger and finger nails

I think it's one of his reality warping illusionist personalities. Delusionaut, Styx or Absence. They can change the way they look through illusion powers except for Absence.