Legion : (OT) X-Men: Supernova

(OT) X-Men: Supernova

The next title of the alt timeline film was announced:

X-Men: Supernova


It takes places in the 1990's (get ready for Quicksilver in a Blur t-shirt) and maybe involves space/time travel??? No idea if JLaw is on board, but I'm fairly certain Fassbender and Mcavoy have already signed and I'm willing to bet money Nick Hoult will return as well. I think all of the new players (young storm, jean grey, scott, etc) signed multi-picture deals, so they're going to be there.

New Mutants is still happening. Supernova is ATL.

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:) I am happy. It all depends how it comes together and goes down but the fact they're still doing another main team movie with most of the same new cast is good


So yeah, that's how I feel anyways

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I hope this movie doesn't happen if it's in the Singerverse timeline, set it in another timeline, or better yet the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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Sounds neat.

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