Legion : Is 'Lenny' just an alias for

Is 'Lenny' just an alias for


Aubrey Plaza seems very antagonistic in the trailer, not supportive, like the description of her character says. One of Legion's main rogue personalities who refuses to merge with the others is a pyrokenetic named Amy who likes to blow sh!t up. It sounds like the kind of role Aubrey would play, so I'm thinking they're trying to throw us off the scent by naming her Lenny, when she's really just a version of Amy?

**possible spoilers**

Also, does anybody think we're still going to get the antisemitic terrorist backstory in this current political climate? It's such a touchy issue, but I'd be really disappointed if they erased David's Israeli backstory, because I really like how the main terrorist, Kumail, becomes his biggest protector and they grow to understand each other.

Re: Is 'Lenny' just an alias for

I hope they are trying to trick us re: who portrays what personalities

I also hope they keep his backstory you mentioned but let's find out

If they "white wash" him too bad thatd be disappointing but I'll still watch the show


So yeah, that's how I feel anyways