Legion : Not for the casual x-men fan?

Not for the casual x-men fan?

I mean i watched the 90s cartoon and it was enough to get throught all the x-men movies with fair knowledge of most mutants showing up. But Legion doesnt ring a bell at all and i went to the cast list to see if i would see familiar character names but i didnt, i will probably watch anyway, but it shouldnt be advertise as a x-men show, rather a show taking place in the x-men universe.

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Legion played a larger role in the 80'same and 90's and recently. It's kind of a deep cut.


The show creator avoided the comic book stories around this character to make it less predictable and let it grow and not be confined by those stories.

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If you think that's why you did it then you are naive. They want to do whatever gets the highest ratings so they are selling out the comic storyline for simpler lowest common denominator mainstream idiots who will watch this because it's a comic book show even though they never read this or probably any comic when they were younger but God forbid they don't keep up with what everyone else is watching (like the awful comic book movies that so many non comic readers saw in theaters)

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The last awful "Comic Book" Movie they saw was from DC-BvS: Dawn of Justice, the last MARVEL MOVIES: X-Men-Age of Apocalypse and Captain America-Civil War were both good moneymakers in Comparison to DC's output.

DC has a whole friggin' channel with its characters on it-The CW, and Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow don't have $#!+ on MARVELS Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Given this, this show deserves a chance to see if the X-Men Cinematic Universe can establish itself as well as the regular MARVEL Cinematic Universe has.

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suicide squad came out more recently, and that was awfully awful,
except for the heathens song that was at the end, and that was only just awful

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yup suicide squad was a deepfried turd samwitch...
like i have been saying for years the DC cw shows are basically dawsons creek if the kids from the creek had dead parents and superpowers

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as much *beep* as the CW shows are, they are more entertaining then BVS and SS
Gotham is the best, but people bitch about there not being batman, *beep*, the show is entertaining as *beep*, as nostalgic as *beep*, and will only get better with time the more and more the mythology unfolds

and i hate fox

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that Trainwreck...gawd, that was the worst joker portrayal ever!

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