Legion : Looks Awesome!

Looks Awesome!

It's about time the Fox/X-Men Universe got in on the TV market. WB's have their Arrowverse, the MCU has their Netflix series and ABC shows, thankfully the X-Men/Mutant universe will have its own piece of real estate in Television land come next year.

One thing that will help it stand out is if it has a tangible link to the movies, even if that connection is not clear/revealed for a few years. It would be really awesome if this series does well and continues for a second or third season, and by that time it's relevance in Fox's X-Men franchise grows to something bigger.

Although Marvel's t.v shows on ABC have had characters 'cross-down' from the movies (Coulson and Peggy Carter, and even a cameo from Lady Sif), the shows do not connect with the movies in huge ways. To be honest I like how they are linked, so I don't criticise too much, I like how events from the movies are referenced in Agents of Shield sometimes. Yet stuff from the show, as yet, have not influenced things in the movies. Wouldn't it be really cool if the Legion show goes that extra mile and grows towards something bigger....

I can't comment too much on the DC tv shows (or Arrowverse), as I have yet to watch any of them, but as I understand it, they are separate continuity from the DCEU movies, which is a terrible shame, not least because it means DC fans now have 2 'The Flash' characters, one in the TV series and one in the Movies!!

Looking at Legion as a stand alone thing though, as thats all we can do at present, I think the trailer looks very good, I also find the premise and theme of the show very interesting. Side note - Isn't Legion the son of Charles Xavier in the comics?

The special effects and visual appearance of the show are very appealing to me. In conclusion, I think this series has the potential to be special and cover elements that we've not seen before in any Comic book shows. It seems like it fills a gap in the market and has a USP. I will certainly look forward to watching it in the UK when it airs.

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Can't wait to see it.

Katie Aselton is a future star.

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she tarted in the legue:P i think she is a current star if we are being technical