The Crown : Prince Philip's authority?

Prince Philip's authority?

I am just curious if Prince Philip has an authority in his family which Queen Elizabeth II has to obey him because he is her husband?

I know that Prince Philip has no say in how to govern, but I mean for family (his children)?

It is like if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, then she has a say in how to govern the United States, but has to obey Bill Clinton for family.

Re: Prince Philip's authority?

She adamantly included "obey" in her wedding vows, so it was clearly her intent that he be head of the household, whatever her role in her job outside the home. As his sovereign, it became harder for her to grant that authority, which led to a great many of their difficulties.

Re: Prince Philip's authority?

I would imagine he has a good deal to say about the upbringing of the Kids. He seems to be very involved there and If I remember correctly it was him who wanted Charles to attend his own old school which was terribly unsuited to Charles!

Re: Prince Philip's authority?

"Queen Elizabeth II has to obey him because he is her husband"
"has to obey Bill Clinton for family."

I can only think you do not know many families, if you think that this is how they run.

Husbands and wives argue and negotiate all the time, but I cannot think of even one case where one "obeyed" the other in regard to family matters.

I can only imagine that the royals were the same.

Re: Prince Philip's authority?

After Elizabeth was crowned, Phillip knelt before her and swore, "I Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship, and faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die against all manner of folks. So help me God".