A Cure for Wellness : Confounding, but visually great

Confounding, but visually great

Cobbled together from disparate parts like a Frankensteinian beast, A Cure for Wellness manages to sprout just enough individuality to have a gripping, if not lasting, effect. The plot clearly falls into the Shutter Island line of insane asylum uneasiness, constantly question who are the patients and what is being doing to them. The tone is, at times, gothic, though in a splashy way such as Guillermo del Toro’s recent Crimson Peak. And individual beats will be familiar to anyone with a light understand of ancient myths revolving around family curses and haunted castles. Yet director Gore Verbinski finds just enough strands within a lackluster script to make something more pronounced than it might have originally been. http://www.cutprintfilm.com/reviews/a-cure-for-wellness/