DC's Legends of Tomorrow : Turncoat


Rip has been turned by the Legion of Doom, only partially restoring his memories. So he kills George Washington and then gives the British soldiers machine guns. This show is so smacked. Rip lets off an emp bomb and kills the power in both the waverider and Ray’s suit. So now Ray is running around as a mini-me and evading a rat that’s trying to kill him. At one point Rory teaches George Washington how to sucker punch people. Nate falls into freezing water so Amaya has to warm him up with “skin to skin” contact which of course leads to sex because apparently this *beep* is also written by amateur porn writers. This show is at a point where shows that are super washed end up at in like seasons 10-12, but it knows it and relishes in its ability to just shrug at each plot point. *beep*

Re: Turncoat

I think 1 of the reasons they're veering off 2 the left of the road is because they'll just write Rip and The Legends correcting everything with the Spear Of Destiny. Maybe even "recreating" The Time Masters.