Ouija: Origin of Evil : This movie would of been good if

This movie would of been good if

If they stuck with the storyline of Doris being posessed by the devil through the board. I don't understand why they changed it to the stupid storyline about the house. THE ENDING SHOULD OF BEEN SOME SORT OF EPIC EXORCISM DONE BY THE PRIEST.

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Yeah, the whole movie felt so weird to me. It was as though it was half-baked. I liked it a lot... but... it just feels weird. It's like the whole movie is leading up to this huge climax that never comes, and then it just ends.

It reminds me of when the first Ouija came out, Olivia Cooke did an interview stating that they re-shot a lot of the film (aside from awful test screening reception) because it felt like it was going to have one of those "it's over... or is it?" endings, but it really was over. I feel like this one had the same feeling!

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...it hadn't been bad.

I could hardly go as far as to 1 h 25 min before I just HAD to stop. A complete waste of time. At 1 h 07 min it's time for the mandatory holohoax propaganda and demonization of Germany, added to the movie by the zionistic producers. Simply sick. The year in this movie is suppossed to be 1965 but that feeling is NOT conveyed to the audience in any way. There ARE good OUIJA-related movies out there to watch.

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They did that movie, is called the Exorcist "a girl play with the Ouija board and open a portal for the demon which possessed making the family life a misery, as per script a family friend dies, as per script a priest who knows about the occult dies all culminating in a Epic exorcism" if they follow this patterns why would you bother even change the title?!