Florence Foster Jenkins : Bianca Castafiore from Tin tin….

Bianca Castafiore from Tin tin….

Florence reminded me heavily of the comic character of Castafiore, right down to how she looks, was she inspired by the real life character of florence? anybody can shed some light?

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Re: Bianca Castafiore from Tin tin….

Considering Castafiore didn't appear before 1939 in Tintin comics, I'd say it's unlikely Jenkins was an inspiration. Jenkins's "singing" career at this point was mostly limited to appearances in the Verdi Club for her friends and private events in NYC. I don't think her reputation would have gone quite so far as Belgium, at least not in 1939.

She only garnered some (mostly mocking) following from people outside her circle when she recorded in 1941.

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Re: Bianca Castafiore from Tin tin….

Also, Castafiore seems to be able to sing pretty well–it's just that Captain Haddock can't stand opera singing. Streep's looks and costumes do seem to be modeled partly after the Castafiore drawings.

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Herg himself had an aversion to opera: the captain's feelings mirrored his own. Castafiore is a top soprano at the Scala, so I somewhat doubt she sings like Florence (although her repertoire seems rather limited- it's always 'L'air des bijoux', LOL).

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Ha ha. I didn't realize it but you're right. I was a huge fan of the Tintin comics as a kid and as soon as I saw this post I immediately realized how right you are, lol.

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