The Tourist : Why the golden globe noms?

Why the golden globe noms?

I know many people dont like this movie, and if i am honest i didnt make anything of it either, but yet it got nominated for golden globe in comedy, and best leading actor/actress. I dont get it, cause most of the times golden globe noms actually match oscar noms and are of more serious movies and movies you can predict to be oscar nominated. This didnt get any oscar noms.

I just find it rather odd, this was hardly a great performance by both of these, in fact i found Jolie rather wooded and there was something about Depp in this movie which was a bit annoying, maybe the fact that they tried to picture him as this teacher at first, and then instead one of the key figures of the story.

I dont know, it was a lousy movie.

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I agree, mustsilm. It was lousy and the acting was wooden. It was ‘funny’ but not in the way ‘funny’ was meant........more ‘funny peculiar’. It was dull and boring, long-winded and the close-ups of Jolie’s face constantly reminded me of how haggard and skinny she is. Memo to Jolie-don’t use red lipstick.....ever! It made her mouth look like a baboon’s *beep* The script was unbelievable and an insult to our intelligence. These two actors are capable of much better performances than this.

Re: Why the golden globe noms?

Why did Golden Gloves because they wanted Angelina Jolie at the show you idiot