Badland : You can't name a movie Badland… Can you?

You can't name a movie Badland… Can you?

Seriously? It's like naming your movie 'Raging Bulls' or 'Taxi Driver's' I mean come on. Everyone would have loved to have made 'badlands' but that doesn't mean you can just title your film after it and copy it's poster. That's just insulting.

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Huh? So far as I know, titles can't be copyrighted.

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Um, more importantly they stole the BADLANDS poster design with the couple under the tree, just giving it a white background and reversing it instead of setting it at dusk. It's pathetic. They took the name and the legendary poster. Truly, truly pathetic - this is the second time that movie was ripped off - Tarantino stole the very distinct theme for TRUE ROMANCE, another movie about a couple on the lam).

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Actually Scott stole from Badlands, not Tarantino, the script are nothing alike. However you could argue that Taranino ripped of Badlands with the script to Natural Born Killers.

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Is it possible that not EVERYONE that names their movie or book "Badland(s)" isn't actually trying to copy the movie? If not, then the four or five books I found on Amazon named "Badlands" need to be informed how insulting their title is also. Oh, and while you're at it, stop in and say hi to the band by the same name. Now that I think about it, someone should look into petitioning the government to change the name of that state park now that a decent movie has stolen it's name.

As for the poster, do you really believe that they decided to take the name AND the poster all at the same time? Could it be that when the artist that was hired to do the poster saw the name of the movie they thought how cool it would be to make the cover that way as an homage to the other movie's poster?

Seriously, these movies have nothing in common other than a name (used widely around the world btw) and a poster that looks to be more the work of a fan rather than a thief. Besides, it's not like they named the movie "Casablanca" or "The Godfather"..

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Badland was refering to USA don't you get it? Same story Viet Nam and Iraq. Nothing changed but the Soldiers life and the country America rapes. No weapons of mass distruction found in Iraq. therefore we were there for the oil. Fitting name for this movie which is too close to life read your history about the Viet Nam vets who came home only to shoot up VA hospitals thats not a story or a movie it just really happened.