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Tear jerker

Anyone else here not able to keep them self from crying during this thing? Probably because I personally deal with depression and felt like I was Jerry. I mean, I try never to live vicariously through movies, it's dangerous to your self efficacy and emotional well being, but damn, I was/am Jerry. I cried several times during the screening. It had a Q&A afterwards with the actors who played Jerry and Max (Jaime and Joe). And they took the parts just because they liked the script, not because of anything personal that shook them. The writer, too, had never personally dealt with depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was embarrassed that they had no real experiences with the affliction, and that they were just acting. Especially Jerry. Oscar worthy, seriously. So did anyone else want to cry?

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I cried so much that liquid snot careened non-stop out of my nostrils, flowing over my lips, and cascaded off my chin like Niagra Falls. After seeing the rip off cover and watching the movie that has been redone to death, I wanted to wrap myself in an American Flag and hang myself from a tree. Or maybe pop a Valium, I'm still up in the air on that decision. Anywaygood luck to ya!

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I'm still crying.

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During the killing scene in the beginning and the car hitting the girl in the end left me cold.
The whole movie did.
It was a brilliant film.

Hollywood Will Eat Itself.

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*beep* you, and your spoiler whining. If that spoiled the movie for you its your own damn fault for browsing the forum without even watching the movie.