Badland : the ending

the ending

the ending of the film went past where he shot his wife in the face, so it was an alternative 2 path movie ?

Re: the ending

In the theatrical version, his daughter was killed when she was hit by a car.

Re: the ending

I think the ending was heavily connected to the religon of his daughter and his misunderstanding god.

Jerry came home to a wife who I think was cheating on him, stealing his money, a boss who cheated him, a coworker who I think was cheating with his wife, 3+1 kids who didn't respect him. Jerry came home with no understanding of how to deal with it. Jerry came home wondering where god was.

Right after his wife tells him he should have died in Iraq he either:
1 Imagines an alter life only to be awakened back to reality.
2 Actually shoots her, does everything in the movie, and upon his death he returns to this moment of choice in heaven/hell.
3 Actually shoots her, does everything in the movie, and as his daughter dies god steps in. Reality alters and everything is back to the way it was. For Better or worse.

The only clue as to what really happened is in the face of the daughter. She starts to speak but then smiles inigmatically. She isn't talking but she looks happy.

Re: the ending


after he does everything, he holds his dead daughter and thinks back to the beginning and he was just wondering if he would do it all again.

Why Daughter is Smiling at End

Because she is finally reunited with her mother and two brothers??? They "came back" for her. As she had prayed they would. Remember she told her father, "soon."