Badland : What should i learn from this?

What should i learn from this?

5 stars for the movie, amazing drama and it really made me feel my heart brake butwhat's this thing with "you gotta do it 'cause it's the right thing to do!".
Can anyone explain me what should i learn from this movie? I'm not an American and maybe i just don't get it.

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I just saw the movie and was unprepared for it not knowing what it was about here are my comments to answer your question honestly, no vampires here - NOTHING. I thought when the vietnam war was over the war was over We have learnt nothing.. The soldiers pay the ultimate price. Less we learn from history - history repeats itself Unfortunately it has It is unfortunate for the soldiers the war will never be over the war will always rage with the same tragedy. nobody understand but those who were underfire and lived then were unlucky to come home but never came home as home time moved on without them the job promised by congress and the union along the corporation where the job was let the soldier down by not wanting them back like a circle through time history repeats itself. true comparison in the movie Viet Nam and Iraq. I live in a different country now but it never escapes. I going for a drink. I would not recommend this movie to anyone who has ever served as it is too close to the bone.


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The money was just the last straw - he was a tortured soul.