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What I don't understand about Dr. Horrible

I understand he wanted to get into the Evil League of Evil.

But why did he think Penny perceived him as a failure or a dark? (As said in the Brand New Day song).

Penny was never the type to judge Billy, especially when he confided in Penny about his lack of qualifications for a job. The other thing I don't understand was this: Captain Hammer actually showed romantic interest in Penny. Billy / Dr. Horrible never did anything to express romantic interest. He was friendly, but how would have Penny known he liked her romantically?

And why did he assume getting into the Evil League of Evil would impress Penny, especially when Penny was so altruistic?

I understand that Dr. Horrible commits crimes where items may be taken and temporarily immobilize people, but he wouldn't hurt or kill people; and he also wanted an acceptance into the League to make social change for the better (whatever his definition of "better" was).

Why did he think Penny wanted Austrailia?

As someone else said, it wouldn't have been that hard to impress Penny considering that Dr. Horrible had the smarts to do things that would impress Penny.

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Re: What I don't understand about Dr. Horrible

I'm going to go ahead and assume you're not a male since you asked this question, lol.

Guys- particularly guys with low self-confidence in ourselves- often falsely perceive that women we love or may be interested in think we are "dorks", "failures", "geeks" or generally "inferior" because we're too harsh on ourselves and always think we fail to measure up. Especially when there is a perceived public image of what a "real man" is supposed to be- Buff, Handsome, Sculpted, Confident, War Veterans, Firemen, Hero Cops, Etc, that we cannot measure up to. Billy literally feels he is being compared to a Superhero, and thus is inadequate in his own eyes, and thinks Penny sees him as inadequate.

He's essentially suffering an inferiority complex. One could argue that he isn't really doing these things to impress Penny so much as to gain the confidence he needs to prove to himself he is "worthy" and thus he falsely perceives that Penny will be attracted to the confidence and power he would attain, because he doesn't realize he's good enough already. It's part of what really hammers home (pun intended) the tragedy of the story.

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Re: What I don't understand about Dr. Horrible

Very well expressed. And also, in his alter-ego character of Dr. Horrible, he IS constantly losing to the stereotyped "real man", Captain Hammer. Unfortunately, a lot of the strength that would help him in his romantic life, like his persistence and ingenuity in trying again and again, are funneled into the Dr. Horrible escapades. If he used that side of him to woo Penny, he wouldn't feel so inadequate and helpless. He's pretty confident about his abilities when it comes to devising evil schemes; if only he were half as confident about appealing to Penny.

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