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Something that I noticed right off, but I'm not sure it meant anything, is how the newscaster says "Let's all be our best!" and just a short while later Joss' show Dollhouse premiered where the term "I try to be my best" was used repeatedly by the dolls. Coincidence??

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Most of the stuff has already been mentioned but here are some more:

1) Moist holds his phone only with the very tips of his fingers as if not to get it wet.

2) During "My Eyes" as Billy says "on the rise" after seeing Penny and Hammer in the window he retreats into the darkness as if to emphasize evil=darkness.

3) Once Billy smirks and decides to kill Hammer, we do not see him until the very end when he says "a thing". We only see Dr Horrible. It's like he was stuck in one frame of mind.

4) In "A brand new day" just before we see Dr Horrible as a giant there is the sound of chirping birds - just like birds sing early in the morning.

5) Also in "A brand new day" when Hammer is beating Dr Horrible during Christmas time, there is a sound of chimes.

6) Dr Horrible covers his eyes with the goggles only once he wears the red coat. He never puts them on properly with the white coat.

7) At the beginning of "So they say" Dr Horrible is building the gun that he uses while robbing the bank at the end.

There are so many little things to catch :)

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I am probably the only person who didn't notice this, but I JUST realized that Dr. Horrible was hiding where the Captain Hammer statue was supposed to be! I can't believe I never noticed that before! I didn't think about it. Just thought he was hiding under a red thing in the audience. I would have liked to see the Captain Hammer statue.

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The turning from Billy to Dr. Horrible. The obvious ones are he wants to kill Captain Hammer. The more subtle ones happen in Brand New Day when his transformation really happens...

When they first show him as Dr. Horrible, in the song, his gloves are off for the first time in the movie. Metaphor for "The gloves are off"

Him announcing that Penny will have to accept him for Dr. Horrible and not Billy.

And the most subtle indication that I just realized in my latest viewing. Dr. Horrible throwing darts at Captain Hero's picture, he is throwing both blue and red darts at the dart board. Usually the colors indicate what team you are on. In this case you can view him as his intent to kill Captain Hammer will benefit both Dr. Horrible, because Bad Horse tells him he has to murder, and Billy, because Hammer is taking his woman. Both sides of him want him dead.

Also... on an unrelated note... Simon Helberg will always be bestfriends with someone who is long with someone who is in love with someone named Penny.

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Not sure how many things are subtle and which ones aren't, in addition to things already mentioned.

I noticed that when Captain Hammer first appears, he jams the signal device located on the van's top, but jumps off and starts to randomly interacting with a woman who was not in danger, while the van is STILL out of control and even more so, now that the signalling device isn't working as effectively.

Then, when he is confronted by Dr. Horrible for the first time in the movie, he says, "it's curtains for you... lacey wafting curtains" which doesn't really make sense at all (to my knowledge).

The only thing I wondered was why Moist's friend who wears pink boxing gloves has a picture of fallopian tubes on his shirt.

The two men who are moving items in the beginning of "So They Say" are from a company called Art Work.

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I have a legitimate answer:

No one knows what Captain Hammer's real name is. Surely, his parents did not name him Captain Hammer at his birth.

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No one knows what Captain Hammer's real name is. Surely, his parents did not name him Captain Hammer at his birth.

If they were as egotistical as he is, you bet they did.

Can't stop the signal.

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After many viewings I noticed that Sarah Michelle Gellar is sitting next to the groupies during "Everyone's a Hero". She has a black wig and sunglasses on, but it is definitely her.

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what you see is NOT what you get beckerkim. i've been campaigning for years trying to get the cast to share the true identity of uncredited Groupie #4, but nobody will say.

much confusion arose from joss, when asked (at comicon?) sarcastically agreeing to SMG, then later was shocked folks dint understand he was joking. yes, that's right, he was kidding.

i'm convinced G#4 was in fact.. (wait for it) ..everyone's sweetie, Kai Cole; aka the lady joss married and bore him kids. defending Kai the rest of extended family won't talk, unknown whyfores.

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The commentary (not the musical one) pretty much confirms it's her. One of the Whedon brothers (I have a hard time telling Jed and Zack's voices a part sometimes) mentions that SMG stopped by the set during filming of the Everyone's a Hero scene and decided to help out. I had always thought it was her, and after buying the DVD and watching the musical commentary I decided to watch the regular one as well. And besides that, the shape of Kai cole's face doesn't match "Groupie # 4" as you call her

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I did notice that Dr. Horrible's ring tone was the Bad Horse chorus theme. But he'd never received a message from Bad Horse until that letter came in Part I. I think he'd received generic rejection letters from ELE in past years, but a letter from the top guy himself was really exciting. So that was the first time he'd heard that song, which says to me that afterwards, he must have reprogrammed his phone with that tune as a ring tone.

Oh, and I thought it was funny that when Billy says to Penny in the Laundromat that he wants to do something great, "Like Bad Horse" she replies, "The Thoroughbred of Sin?" How does SHE know about Bad Horse?

Maybe I'm just suspicious because I'm Canadian myself, but when he refers to Jonny Snow as "a poseur in a parka" I think it was meant to indicate that Jonny was Canadian.

I don't think that he was going to be able to pull the trigger and kill Captain Hammer. As has been pointed out, he had to sing the "no mercy" line twice, and he was already dreading how much blood there was going to be, and how lucky it was that Penny wasn't going to see it. He just wasn't psyched up to do it, the way he was during the "Brand New Day" when he was fantasizing about killing Hammer. The sound of the freeze ray failing immediately distracted him; if he was really committed to killing Hammer, he would have seized his moment and done it, not be diverted. So the whole ending was tragic: Penny had already seen Captain Hammer as a boor and a pig, and this scene showed him to be a brute and killer too (HE had no hesitation pulling the trigger). Penny could never have loved him after this. And it turned out that Billy really was too kindhearted to commit murder - he was the one she would have been happy with. But because Dr. Horrible put this whole plan into operation, it ended with Penny dead, and Dr. Horrible with an empty victory.

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fine points, with excellent presentation. yours is the leading candidate for 2016 DrH PostOfTheYear; thanksalot.

> ..How does SHE know about Bad Horse?

yeahbut, in their community supes like CaptHammer (corporate tool) are routinely featured on the local news. infamous BadHorse must be well known as well.

DrHorrible's Singalong Blog ('08): "Don't worry. Captain Hammer will save us."