The Light Between Oceans : I it just me or is Alicia irritating?

I it just me or is Alicia irritating?

I can think of two simple reasons why I found her irritating.

The character of Isabel can be unlikeable

She's young, pretty and dating Michael Fassbender and I'm jealous


But there was something about her acting in this movie that irritated me - not sure if there is any reason other than the above... I haven't seen her in alot of other roles, so I can't compare - and I'm not really motivated to see her, either, because something about her or her acting rubs me wrong. But again - it could have just been the character she played here, or me being petty.

Opinions? Obviously if you loved her in this film or love her in general, this post and question are going to strike you as ridiculous - I get that. I'm just trying to see if there is anyone out there who felt a bit the same way - and not just based on the character. Or maybe it was just based on the character...


What do you all think?

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It's just her character and the way it was written. Have you seen her other performances? I actually thought she acted really well in this film and that the writing and the way she was portrayed seemed off and not well put together.

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I've seen her movies since The Fifth Estate, when I looked up her bio. I've seen Ex Machina, a Royal Affair (her first big movie I think), Anna Karenina, Testament of Youth, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Danish Girl. Really enjoy her performances and she was heartbreaking in this movie.

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What a hoot!

I LOVE that you get right up front with your envy ~ that's delightful!

I found the character unlikeable to the degree that she not only didn't appreciate her husband's moral dilemma, but appears to have betrayed him re: the condition of Lucy's father when they found him.

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Haha - thanks.

I'm not above being honest.

But there are other actresses that are (or were) just as young and appealing who I like. Her, not so much. I'd have to see her in other stuff to judge if it was this one film or something about her (or my reaction to her).

I did see 'Burnt', but her part was kind of small. I liked that film, btw - Bradley Cooper was good in it.

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Now see ~ There's something about Bradley Cooper's appeal I don't get, LOL! But I haven't seen 'Burnt."

You know what it may be re: Alicia? To my sights her features appear unformed yet, almost in a prototypical stage, girlish, emotionally immature.

And while that actually worked for Isabel as a bereaved young sister willfully gaining escape from her parents & small town into the arms of the handsome & loving Light-house keeper, it lost its appeal when she selfishly couldn't squeak out one iota of compassion for Lucy's true mother, (who was a widow to boot!) nor any respect for her husband's moral choice. And it made Isabel less than utterly convincing when she does wake up and "see the light." pun intended.

My husband does some acting and he felt she did a fine job. So maybe it's a gender/sexual thing. I've seen Alicia in some upscale commercial and she was quite sultry, so maybe she exudes a Lolita vibe. Ouf! And now we're back to your inspirational candor of the earlier post.

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Yeah, she doesn't do it for me.

I don't need my female actresses to be deep - I loved Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and even Jlo in Maid in Manhattan.... There was something genuine about all of them...

I agree with all you said about her seeming young, facile, self-absorbed, amoral, etc, btw.

Yes, I'm not a big Brad Cooper fan (I don't like Jake Gyllenhall either - to me they are similar - ditto Shia lebouf)... but Burnt was entertaining.


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O, Yeah ~ Jake is too young for me.

Then again, I came up through the Richard Burton generation, and so many today seem lightweight by comparison.

DO enjoy Michael Fassbender though! he gets the estrogen vote!

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Def. yes to Fassbender.

What did you think about what I said about female stars? Curious.

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O? The Comedic roles? I'm not a great fan of those players but no huge criticisms either.

Lately I've been studying Thrillers: Lantana, The Ghost Writer, etc.

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MY point was that I like actresses and they don't have to be playing 'deep' roles. So my dislike of Alicia was not b/c I don't like actresses, including those playing 'light' roles. There was just something about her (or the character, or both) that bothered me.

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Ah ~ Yes!

Do you have any favorite actresses?

Mine currently are Juliet Binoche and Rachel Weisz. How did you like Rachel in this role?

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I really don't... I like actresses who look like they are having fun (hence my liking Jroberts, aliciaS and Jlo, also Sbullock and MelissaM)... they don't have to be serious. I can't think of anyone serious that I like offhand. I think I'm more likely to like a movie than an actress, I think... Maybe it's even the same with dudes - I like to be entertained... I don't idol-worship or even star-worship anyone (if I like a Clooney film or a Pitt film or an Affleck film or a Mike Mcon film its usually b/c of the film as much as b/c of the actor). If anything I like British ensemble actors who just dissappear into their role so you don't even know they are acting... and theyre' not even so goodlooking. The women either.

I don't like Keira Knightley or Natalie portman at all. Rachel weisz, not so crazy about.

Anyone who seems to be taking themselves seriously, I don't like. Either have fun, or dissappear into the role. Don't be self-important, esp. if you are a chick.

I liked whatsername in 'wild', but that's b/c she did a good job without being overly obsessed with herself.

sorry ,I'm typing this lazy... :-)

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Yes ~ British actors certainly have a different flavor ~ more thespian-esque ~ than those in the Hollywood glamor pressure-cooker.

I used to live in Taos, NM and would run into Julia Roberts & Danny Modor now & again, driving a pick-up truck!

Yes, there is a similarity between Keira & Natalie!

Would you mind looking into the other posts I have here ~ Right now they're sitting there sans response. No pressure. Thanks!

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Which other posts? On this thread your posts are all replied to. Are you referring to a different topic thread regarding the same film?

Pls post links and I'd be happy to look!

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When I, just recently, finished watching this film, I slapped up some half-dozen different posts on it. No responses to date, and would enjoy continuing our discussions if any of them catch your fancy!