Death on Demand : anyone seen it? deaths?

anyone seen it? deaths?

anyone seen deaths?

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I just saw this movie in Tampa--great F-ing stuff. It's funny without being campy, and gorey without being disgusting. I give it two thumbs up.

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did you see it at a festival? any release dates? - No small roles, only small actors.

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Yup--saw it at a festival. One of the actresses was there, and I was going to go talk to her about realease dates, but two dorks were all up on her. So yeah...couldn't find out. Sorry!

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It's to be released next week.

The film's not very good, but the deaths & gore are fantastic. My review can be seen here:


Horror of The Coreys: 'Silver Bullet' (1985) -

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everyone dies:

haydn is handcuffed to a bed, stabbed in the chest, has her insides ripped out, and is stabbed in the head. later on her hands are found cut off and her body is found impaled to the ceiling.

tammy is stabbed in the back of her leg and her calf is ripped out. she's dragged away and killed off-screen.

brad has his penis ripped off and then his head is crushed when the killer stomps on his head using spiked boots.

velvet is stabbed through the mouth.

peter is stabbed in the chest.

richard is stabbed to death.

biff is stabbed to death and has his arm cut off.

darla is killed at the end when an axe is thrown through her back and she's pulled back inside the house.

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sounds good to me :)

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It's true that there is not one redeeming character in the movie... they were all silly horny teen agers who put sex and internet before their education but they didn't deserve to die like that. The ghost killer in all this was especially brutal. I love this movie, even if there was no value to the story.

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