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Old TV Show


this rather belongs to ´I Need to Know´, but I got no positive feedback there, so maybe someone knows this one:

There was a TV Show or TV movie about a family taking a trip into the jungle. The parents fell into a pit and then they shrunk. I think they ate some magic berries. The kids find them in the pit in their now oversized clothes.

The kids bring the parents back home where they live in a full functioning doll house (working faucet)...

Possibly not an american production.

That´s all....

Re: Old TV Show

Does not ring a bell. Do you have any idea who was in it?

Re: Old TV Show

Sorry for the late response. Somehow I missed it.

Thanks for your answer though.

I have no more clues. I recently found a similar post from 2002 with no conclusion as well...

I´m pretty sure it was not an US production.

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No apologies necessary. It does not sound familiar to me. I hope you can find the answer. Let us know! 😃