Classic TV: The 70s : Does The Partridge Family get better?

Does The Partridge Family get better?

I love watching old shows from the 60's-80's for instance, but even I think this show is pretty freakin' cheesy. Is Family Matter also? Yeah, sure it is, but that one has the incredible Steve Urkel who never fails to make me smile. The Partridge Family doesn't have any characters I can relate to or get invested in, judging by 2 episodes I've seen (the first one and Go Directly To Jail). The music is really nice, and definitely the number 1 reason to watch the show, but any time there isn't a musical number the show feels a little flat and the humor at times a bit tepid.

Does it get better after a while or is it like this pretty much the whole run?

Re: Does The Partridge Family get better?

No it doesn't get any better.

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