Full House : Community College

Community College

I loved this show, but one thing that bothered me was how they portrayed Community Colleges. Steve says that he plans to go to community college to raise his grades, and DJ tells Kimmy to go to a community college to raise her grades. To me, it seemed like they were all saying that all community college was good for was to raise grades, when in fact it is cheaper compared to many schools, and you can also get your Associate degree.

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Re: Community College

It all depends on what you want to do. I think Steve's goal was to get into a 4 year university and if he didn't have such a great academic record in high school then community college for 2 years was probably his best option (and for Steve it would really just be 13th and 14th grade).

However if you want to pursue a career that doesn't require a 4 year university then going to community college is also your best option. I never got the impression that they were trying to degrade community college.

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Re: Community College

But it's also probably easier to get into. Steve and Kimmy didn't get good grades. Since Steve became a podiatrist, I am guessing he did go to community college first then a better college later. As for Kimmy, she is now running a party planning business. I assume some education or degree is needed for that. Since she could no longer copy DJ's homework,she may have buckled down and actually studied.She had gotten rejected from every college in California, so for her, community college was ideal.

Re: Community College

I went to community college for my first two years of college I loved it. It was cheap, affordable, and well around awesome. The classes were smaller, but unfortunately the course load was about the same as a normal university.

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