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Since the boards are leaving, I've decided to write this story involving characters from Full House,Boy Meets World,Step By Step, and Family Matters.




DJ is depressed. Steve got engaged to someone else.
DJ: I thought we reconnected after the prom. Obviously, I was wrong.
STEPHANIE: I won a trip to Florida. Want to come with me? It would be better than Dad going. And it will help take your mind off of it.
KIMMY: Yeah Deej, you should go. I’ll go too.


SHAWN: (to himself) Cory went after Topanga again. He always helps me, and saves me from myself. He always has my back. Now, It’s my turn to help him.
SHAWN: Eric, we are going to Florida to rescue Cory!
ERIC: Yes! We must go now!
Shawn knew a trip with Eric would be an adventure. But, for Cory, it was worth it.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS ( Family Matters)

STEVE URKEL: There is a future scientists contest at EPCOT. I must go.
LAURA: You’re going to Disney World? This is the first real family vacation we were able to convince my dad to take, and YOU’LL be there?!
MYRA: (to herself) No way am I letting my man go to a different state with that hussy. I must follow and keep tabs on them.


The phone rings.
JT: I’ll get it! Hello, Foster-Lambert residence.
CODY: Hey Dude!
JT: Cody! It’s great to hear from you. Where are you?
CODY: Florida, Dude! Hey Cuz, you should come visit me. I have a summer job at Disney World.
JT: Well since it is summer vacation, Dad won’t be on my case about my grades. So, I can probably come visit you.
CODY: Cool! See yah, Cuz.
JT: See you. Bye.

Part 2
Kimmy is at a hat stand. She buys one.
ERIC: Nice hat!
KIMMY: Thanks! Yours is great too. I’m Kimmy Gibbler.
ERIC: Hi. I’m Eric Matthews. I came here to help rescue my brother. I never thought I would meet a cute girl. Want to do something?
KIMMY: Sure! I came here to help my best friend get over her ex-boyfriend. I never expected to meet you, either.

Shawn was rushing through the park looking for Cory. He runs smack dab into Stephanie.
STEPHANIE: Hey! Watch where you’re going!
Shawn looks at Stephanie. Pretty, he thought.
SHAWN: Sorry, I was in a hurry to find my friend. Shawn Hunter.
STEPHANIE: Stephanie Tanner.
SHAWN: (thinking) Sorry Cory, you and Topanga will work it out. You always do. How can I pass up the opportunity to get to know this girl?
STEPHANIE: (thinking) I think he likes me. He is such a babe.
Stephanie stood there, smiling at Shawn.
SHAWN: So, what would you like to do?

JT was at the park entrance, waiting for Cody. He noticed a cute, petite girl, who seemed a little crazy, roaming around in a frenzy.
JT: Can I help you?
MYRA: No! I must find my man! How do I get to EPCOT?
JT: Well, you could take the monorail. Or go back out and..
MYRA: Thank you!
She ran off to find Steve Urkel.

DJ was sipping a soda, wondering where Kimmy and Stephanie ran off to. Without them here with her, she thought about Steve. She couldn’t help it.
Cody saw DJ and approached her.
CODY: Hey Dudette! What’s put a frown on your face? This is the happiest place on Earth!
DJ smiled.
DJ: My ex-boyfriend got engaged. My sister and my best friend brought me here to get over him. Then they abandoned me.
CODY: Sounds like a job for the Codeman! Cody Lambert, at your service.
DJ: DJ Tanner. Think you can cheer me up?
They started walking around the park together having a good time.
CODY: Dude! I was supposed to meet my Cuz at the entrance.
DJ: That’s okay. I’ll just go back to moping.
Just then, Kimmy returns.
DJ: There’s my best friend. Thanks for cheering me up. See you later, Cody.
CODY: Yeah, Dudette, see ya.
Cody leaves to find JT.

Part 3
DJ: Kimmy, where were you?
KIMMY: I met a guy! And Deej, he is just perfect for me. He doesn’t think I am a bit weird, like most guys do.
DJ: I am happy for you. I had a pretty good day, too. I spent the day with a guy. He is very nice, but calls everyone dude. Don’t know what to make of him. But, I do hope to see him again.
Just then, Stephanie returned.
DJ: Steph! Where have you been?
STEPHANIE: Sorry, I met a nice boy. We rode Space Mountain. Then shared a soda. I had fun. Deej, admit it, this was a great idea to come here.
DJ: We were here several years ago. And Steve showed up, then. It doesn’t help with those memories in my mind.

CODY: Sorry Dude! But there was a Dudette that needed help from the Codeman.
JT: Man, you meet girls everywhere you go, don’t you?
CODY: I guess! I have a little time before I start work.
JT: So, what should we do?

Meanwhile at EPCOT.
EDDIE: So, Steve, what are you entering in the contest?
URKEL: Shh. Can’t say. Might jinx it.
Eddie rolled his eyes.
URKEL: Where's Laura?
EDDIE: She is at the Magic Kingdom with the rest of the family.
URKEL: Okay, don’t tell me.
EDDIE: No, Steve, the other park, the one with the castle, is the Magic Kingdom. You know, for a genius you sure are dumb sometimes.

MYRA: Excuse me. Is this EPCOT?
MAN: I’m afraid not miss. This is the Animal Kingdom. You want the one that has Spaceship Earth. It looks like a giant golf ball.
MYRA: Thank you!
Myra sighed. Hoping the next park is the right one.
MYRA: (to herself) Giant golf ball?

Meanwhile, back at the Magic Kingdom.
DJ wondered when she would see Cody again.
She was not feeling up to going on rides. Cody had made her feel better. Even made her forget Steve for a little while. Kimmy and Stephanie were enjoying themselves with the guys they met.

JT: (to himself) Well, Cody went to work, so I guess I’ll try to have a good time without him. Then, he saw DJ.
JT: So, What’s a girl like you doing here alone?
DJ: (thinking) This guy is smooth.
DJ: I came with friends. They are busy. Who are you?
JT: Sorry. JT Lambert. And you are?
DJ: DJ Tanner.
JT: Well, what do you know, we both have two letter names. A match made in Heaven.
DJ laughed. She thought, What’s up with the guys here? This is the second guy who hit on me, today.
Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she decided to spend the rest of the day with JT.

Myra finally got off at the right park.
MYRA: Where am I, now? Where’s the science contest?
WOMAN: You’re in EPCOT. The science contest is in front of Spaceship Earth. I’m afraid It’s almost over, though.
Urkel had brought his transformation chamber. And won first prize. He had changed into Stefan. He decided to stay Stefan until after a date with Laura. He and Eddie started towards the Magic Kingdom.
The contest was just clearing out, when Myra arrived.

CODY: Hey Cuz! I see you found my girl.
JT: Your girl? You two know each other?
CODY: She’s the Dudette I mentioned, earlier.
DJ: You two are cousins? I guess I should have realized, having the same last name. So, do you guys want to go to the electrical parade with me?
JT and CODY: Yes!

Part 4
The electrical parade was ready to start. Everyone ended up there.
SHAWN: Cory! Topanga! I have been looking all over for you guys! I see you worked things out. I knew you would. This is Stephanie. Stephanie, this is my best friend, Cory and his girlfriend, Topanga.
STEPHANIE: Nice to meet you both. Topanga, you remind me of a friend of mine named Jennifer. She looked just like you.
TOPANGA: Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t even have a look-alike cousin.
ERIC: There you guys are! This is Kimmy.
ALL: Hi Kimmy!
Kimmy and Eric smiled at each other. Everyone who knew them, thought they were weird. But they were glad to find another person who was a lot like themselves.

LAURA: Stefan!
She hugged him.
Just then, Myra showed up.
MYRA: You changed into Stefan?
LAURA: Myra, what are you doing here?
MYRA: I followed you from Chicago. I couldn’t let you be with my man. But, you’re not.

DJ, JT, and Cody arrived
DJ: Hey guys. This is JT and Cody. Guys, this is my friend, Kimmy and my sister, Stephanie.
CODY: Hey Dudes!

JT saw Myra, just then.
JT: So, did you find your man?
MYRA: Well, yes and no. It’s a long story.
JT: Well, you are welcome to hang out with all of us, if you like.
MYRA: Thanks. You’re a sweet guy.
JT: No problem.
JT and Myra stood together, watching the parade.
They all watched the parade. They knew tomorrow would be great.
They all made plans to meet the next day.
The End.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the above characters or shows. And seek no profit. This story is for entertainment.

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That all sounds pretty terrible.

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