Ghostbusters : Crazy that Bill was only 33 in this!

Crazy that Bill was only 33 in this!

Born in September 1950, the movie came out in June 1984...making him even perhaps at the tail end of 32 when filming started!! He looked 45 to me easily. More people aged faster during the 80s and even 90s, but Dan Aykroyd looked way younger and more like a typical early/mid 30s dude to me. Egon could go either way I guess, lol.

As a kid I loved the scene where Venkman was shocking the college dude because he had a crush on and wanted to talk with the girl alone... but watching that now kinda creeps me out since he easily looks like he could be her dad.

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I know! the make up [or lack thereof] was either abysmal or natural -- I can't tell which.

abysmal: the pockmarks! good god, he looks like a pincushion!

natural: we are too used to perfect looking people in movies and tv today that we forget the reality of what the role calls for. THey probably didn't want us to think that professors/whatever they were at the college were able to afford airbrushing makeup every day of their lives. no way [for example] all those women in the beginning of The Devil Wears Prada, wake up after the sun to get ready! no way! Living in this city, and teaching for that matter, I am up at 5:30, depending on the season, to give myself enough time to get there! I have no time to get gussied up, nor do I want to get gussied up! My job doesn't call for me being in stilettos!

Oh God. Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more.

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Your topic reminds me that Bruce Willis was about the same age when he did the filming of Die Hard but he looks much older than that in the movie.

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I think most normal people do look older though, it must just be modern Hollywood that gives an unrealistic impression. I watch a quiz show almost every day and there are 4 contestants each day and they give their age, so I noticed recently just how old people look. There are a LOT of people who are bald, chubby, wrinkly, in their late 20s! By 30s a lot of people look truly middle aged. So all those mentioned in this thread seem in line with real life.

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Back in the 80s leading men weren't required to look like athletic supermodels.