Ghostbusters : 1984 seems like so long ago…

1984 seems like so long ago…

Probably because it was three years before I was born...LOL.

But for real does anyone else think the 80s seem like such a long, long time ago? I remember as a kid in the 90s I used to think the 60s were a really long time ago and the 40s and 50s were like medieval times or something LOL.

Were you around for the 80s? I wasn't unfortunately but I grew up with Ghostbusters.

Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

It's been about 33 years since filming. In 33 years someone goes from 12 to 45. That's a big difference.

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Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

Not really. I remember the 80's pretty well. It doesn't seem like it was yesterday, but not all that long ago.

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Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

I think the general vibe and aesthetic of GB is dark and scary of course, and it gives the illusion of it being even older. Lighthearted high school 80s movies, even if they're cheesy, seem more modern, especially if its about something timeless, like Breakfast Club or something.

I was born in late 1982 and I only remember 87-89 and even that seems almost other worldly to me, and that's the more modern part of the 80s with NES games and some early digital tech like CDs!

Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

Maybe i'm seeing things differently because i was born in the early 80's, but to me, the 80's don't seem that far away.

Take a movie like Back to the Future for instance:

It was set in the 80's, but Marty got transported back into the 50's. And that really looked like another era.

Imagine if BTTF was made today: Marty is living in the late 2010's, and he goes back to the 80's.

Not so much a difference, no? Cellphones did exist. Computers did exist. Videogames did exist. A lot of music groups or singers that were popular in the 80's are still popular today. I see cars from the 80's every day on my way to work (not many, but they are still out there). And the list goes on.

But maybe, as i said, it's just being me in denial that i'm pushing 40 :)

I'm just on my way up to Clavius.

Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

The world around us seemed very different--had a different feel. World was not as overbuilt, no Internet, no smart-phones, no digital cameras, no flat-screened anything, no 3D-CGI, old-school special effects in movies, VHS, etc..

Watch Cloak & Dagger (1984). It showed computers, walkie-talkies, and different clothing styles, but you need to think about all the things you're not seeing. And there's an obvious different feel to things.

Also, True Stories (1986), the David Byrne Rock musical comedy, also has a notably different feel to it.

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Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

KojiroVance, we're close in age, and I half agree and half disagree with you.

The 50s seemed much older and less relevant in the 80s, than the 80s seem now. MUCH. As you pointed out, lots of 80s pop culture lives on in modern media. Plus more kids like old stuff than previous generations did, so that keeps it feeling more timeless. 2016 casual clothes would blend in and not look out of place in 1984 (lots of skater brands like Vans are still around). There was also tremendous progress with racial and gender issues between the 50s-80s.

BUT... dude it's ridiculous to say there's not much difference between then and now. It's progressed just as much, just in different ways. Obviously social media, smartphones, texting, GPS, Google Earth etc. In the last 5 years alone, tech has revolutionized so many things about our everyday life. It was bubbling up in the mid and late 00s, but really exploded into mainstream use 2009-2012.

Obama's election and first term changed so much, and it was a new era. Electropop music like early Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, teenpop like 1D, and anything with autotune finally created a new style after years of post-grungy Nickelback type bands, alternative rock, emo, and crunk rap during the '00s.

Like VirgilTX said, the prevalence of digital cameras, touchscreens, and flatscreens just give this time a very different and more modern feel

You can't compare an 80s brick sized cellphone that only rich businessmen or total nerds wanted or could afford... to everyone and their grandma having a smartphone today. Your phone can do more than an entire PC from even 2000 could do! The basic internet didn't even get off the ground en masse until 1997-98, which was the first thing that made them really desirable to alot of people.

Just as importantly, social attitudes are thankfully loosening and getting more liberal with things like weed and LGBT issues. Again, you don't even need to go back to the 80s to see how much we've progressed on that. Just think of how much of the country was against gay marriage circa 2003 in the Dubya years! In the last 5-10 years we've come so far socially too.

Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

"2016 casual clothes would blend in and not look out of place in 1984 (lots of skater brands like Vans are still around)"

Maybe, but there's an interesting wrinkle to this logic (no pun intended). Today's casual styles might look inconspicuous in the 80s, but would the converse be true? Would the fashion items below blend right in today?

This is not to mention bike shorts and swim briefs. We all remember them,If you go back that far, but ot's difficult to find definitive pics of these as common styles. I think there's a tendency to censor them off of the Internet, as they're regarded as humorously scandalous today, and I think we're seeing an under representation of their 80s prevalence.

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Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

it is a long long time ago!! technology was in its infancy

Re: 1984 seems like so long ago…

It doesn't seem THAT long ago to me, I can remember it well, and fondly. But our lives are short so 33 years is a huge amount of time in relation to our lives, it is around half a persons life. It depresses me to think about it because I was so young and fit and healthy and could have done anything in the 80s, and now I'm none of those things. Some of it is just what happens to everyone, and some of it is my own fault. Try to make the most of your time and do what you enjoy the most, because we aren't around very long. The 90s seems recent to me but the difference between then and now, is the same as the 60s was when in the 90s. And when I heard someone talk about the 60s in the 90s, they seemed ancient to me and from a completely different era. But I am now one of those people. My Woodstock was probably Reading Festival 1991, The Year That Punk Broke etc. But now it is ancient and forgotten by most people and all young people don't even know what it is. Life is way too short.